YouTube Android App Finally Gets Dark Theme

Android users are finally gettings their hands on the dark theme in the YouTube app. Earlier, YouTube started the dark theme on their web app and iOS quite a while ago but delayed the launch in the Android devices for no specific reason. However, a Reddit user Absinth92 has reported that the option was available on his device. Further, Android Police – one of the top website for Android news has also said about the feature.

Dark Theme

Dark theme is becoming a famous trend among a lot of companies. Most of the companies are trying to make the dark theme feature available for the comfortability of the users. The dark theme helps in the readability, particularly at night. It does less stress over the human eye and hence does not cause any damage to the person’s eyes.

YouTube which is being used by around a billion users should have brought in this feature a long ago. There is no specific reason for the delay. They brought the feature quite a while ago on their web app and iOS App but delayed the update on Android devices. However, late than never, Android users will soon be enjoying the comfort while watching the YouTube videos.

Since the launch is not officially announced by Google, it might take a while for the feature to be available for everyone. The feature is still in testing mode and will be rolling out soon for everyone using the app. If you want to check if the option is available for you, you can do it easily. Simply open the Settings -> General Tab. Dark Mode option will be present there. If it is available, you can make use of the new feature on the YouTube Android app. Or else, you might have to wait for Google to officially launch it in sometime.


The feature has not yet arrived totally for the android users. The company has not revealed any reasons for the delay of the feature in the android devices. The feature was available for a long time on the iOS and web apps. Better late than never, the Android users will soon have access to the feature.  It will not be late when Google will officially announce about the feature for the general public. Till then, dark mode is available only to a limited number of people using the Android device/.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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