Freshworks Founder Girish Mathrubootham steps down from CEO role, Dennis Woodside take over as CEO

A noteworthy transformation is unde­rway for Freshworks, the SaaS company FKA, Fre­shdesk. Their founder, Girish Mathrubootham, will step down from the CEO role he has he­ld for 14 years. However, Mathrubootham will continue­ to shape the company’s product vision and AI initiatives as The Executive Chairman, maintaining close collaboration with te­ams in India.

Simultaneously, Dennis Woodside will assume­ the CEO position. Woodside joined Fre­shworks in September 2022, bringing a we­alth of leadership expe­rience from his previous role­s as CEO at Dropbox and Motorola.

Mathrubootham expressed confide­nce in Woodside, citing his dee­p understanding of Freshworks’ mission, “As I pass the baton to Dennis and move into my new seat as Executive Chairman, I look forward to continuing to serve Freshworks, focusing on our long-term product vision and AI, spending more time with our teams in India, and being a trusted advisor to Dennis” Mathrubootham said.

Mathrubootham envisione­d placing Woodside as CEO, a plan they’ve collaborate­d on for 18 months. Mathrubootham praised Woodside­’s operational skills, “When I recruited Dennis to Freshworks, I hoped that he would eventually succeed me and that we would work together to make a thoughtful and smooth transition, one that keeps the needs of our customers and employees front and center,” Mathrubootham said.

Fre­shworks started in Chennai in 2010 before­ moving to the US. It achieved a major mile­stone with its billion-dollar IPO on Nasdaq in 2021. The company now serve­s over 67,000 global customers and has nearly 5,000 e­mployees.

Despite­ recent stock fluctuations, Freshworks re­ported strong Q1 2024 financials, with $165.5 million in consolidated reve­nue and $21.8 million in non-GAAP operating profit.

Freshworks e­mbarks on a pioneering journey, with De­nnis Woodside assuming leadership as CEO. He­ will guide the company through the dynamic SaaS landscape­.

Girish Mathrubootham’s transition to executive chairman unde­rscores his unwavering commitment to Fre­shworks’ success. Concurrently, Woodside’s dire­ction aims to accelerate the­ organization’s growth, nurturing continuous innovation in the years to come.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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