10 Mistakes that may get you ban by whatsapp

For many people, WhatsApp has become a very important mode of communication. People use WhatsApp for both formal and informal communication. Millions of people across the world use WhatsApp for chatting with their friends, family members, relatives, peers, clients, etc. But, if you are found misusing the platform, you’ll end up getting a ban or suspension from WhatsApp.

As per WhatsApp’s terms and conditions, it retains all rights to block or ban your account without any prior information or notice. So, if you violate their terms of service in any means, you may get banned from using the service without any notice.

Let’s look at 10 things that may get you banned on WhatsApp

1. Sending inappropriate messages

If you send any illegal, offensive, harassing, threatening, malicious, or messages, WhatsApp can ban you as per their terms and conditions.

2. Messages promoting illegal activities

Sending messages that promote illegal activities will definitely get you banned on WhatsApp.

3. Creating fake account or impersonating someone

WhatsApp can ban you if you are using the platform for impersonating someone.

4. Spamming users who are not on your contact list

If you spam someone’s account with any kind of auto-messaging, bulk messaging, or auto-dialing, WhatsApp may ban you! It is also against WhatsApp’s terms and conditions.

5. Trying to change WhatsApp app’s code

Never try to play or have fun with WhatsApp app’s code. It is against their terms and conditions. Never try to modify, alter, or reverse engineer WhatsApp app’s code if you don’t want a ban!

6. Sending viruses or malware to other users

WhatsApp strictly prevents users from sending malware or viruses through its platform.

7. Trying to get into WhatsApp’s server or Spying someone

You may lose your account if you try to hack any WhatsApp server in any means. Also, collecting information about other users’ account illegally will lead you to a ban.

8. Using 3rd Party Apps

If you are using WhatsApp Plus or any modded version of WhatsApp, it may ban you from using its platform. According to WhatsApp, they have never developed an application called “WhatsApp Plus”. Also, they have not authorized any such applications. They do not support WhatsApp Plus and its developers. If you are using WhatsApp Plus, WhatsApp cannot promise for your data and privacy as it may be sent to 3rd parties without your consent or authorization.

9. Getting blocked by many users

WhatsApp also bans your account if many users block you. It means, if many users block you in a very short span of time, WhatsApp may consider banning your account.

10. Reports from other users

WhatsApp provides an option to report a contact or group from its profile information. If WhatsApp verifies the complaint to be legitimate, it may ban your account.


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