WARR Hyperloop wins SpaceX Pod Competition Three Times In A Row Clocking 284 mph

SpaceX is everywhere where missiles or hyper loops can be. SpaceX has been conducting the SpaceX pod competition for the third time in a row. And surprisingly, all the three times were won by the same German team. From the Technical University of Munich, WARR Hyperloop won the third prize in a row at the SpaceX pod competition. They broke their own record which they set at the previous year competition. The team clocked the pod at 284 mph which is around 457 kmph.

SpaceX Pod Competition

SpaceX Pod competition is one of the top competitions for the teams to prove the worth of their self-propelled pods. The only requirement of the competition is that the pod should be self-propelled. The team which has their pod clock the highest speed will be declared as the winners. The teams have to develop a pod which will travel down 1.2 KM tube. It is a part of SpaceX’s vision for high-speed transportation systems.

This is the third year the competition took place at the headquarters of SpaceX situated in California. And as said, WARR Hyperloop won it all the three times in a row. They were one of the top three finalists along with Delft University and EPF Loop from Netherland and Switzerland respectively in this year’s competition.

Why is SpaceX conducting such competitions?

The competition is mainly based on 2013 white paper as dreamt by Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX. SpaceX will be looking forward to getting some advice from the recently ended competition to implement on their platform. SpaceX is trying to revolutionize the transport system for providing better and speed mode of transport for the users. Hence for doing this, they are finding more and better ideas for their hyperloop project. The competition might end up benefitting them with some new ideas and implementation techniques.

The previous two competition had the SpaceX own vehicle pusher which was used to propel the pods. But this time, the main requirement of the competition was that the pods should be self-propelled. Along with the major prize, the competition also offered three other innovation prizes for the teams. WARR Hyperloop took one of the three innovation prizes offered by them.


At the competition, Elon Musk always made unscheduled visits. This time also Musk visited the competition venue along with his girlfriend to check out the budding engineers. He inspected many pods himself and had a talk with the students present there.

Elon Musk is looking forward to making the Hyperloop a reality soon enough. For doing so, he has made his own company called The Boring Company. The company specializes in making hyperloop for faster and convenient transport facilities. Elon Musk has already signed a deal with a mayor in the US for making the Hyperloop a reality soon enough. With the competition going well, it will benefit the company a lot with the ideas and implementation techniques the students brought in there.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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