Uber is Working On An AI Algorithm To Identify Drunk Passengers

Uber is in talks regarding various discussions. After they revealed their plans for flying car prototype by 2020 and including self-driving cars in their networks,  Uber is moving forward. They are trying to improve their ride-sharing experience by identifying drunk passengers using Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques. According to CNN, they reported a patent being filed by Uber. Uber Tech Inc, filed a patent regarding a machine learning app. The patent covers a method of measuring user’s behavior using their phones. It will differentiate the normal behavior from weird behavior. The app will work on an algorithm which will put weigh on different factors. It includes typos, how a user clicks on buttons and links, at what speed the user is walking and how much time it takes for them to request a ride on the app.

The patent was filed by current and ex-members of Uber’s Trust & Safety Team. The team works to improve the application’s safety for both riders and drivers. The patent says that the service provided by Uber drivers will change. The drivers will be notified about the behavior of passengers. The drivers can then decide if they want to accept such passenger which might be in a drunken state and affect their driving experience.

For example, on a Saturday night, if a person requests a ride 15 mins later after walking down, it might be as sure he is an unusual state. Using Artificial Intelligence, the app will predict the user’s state and report it to the drivers who can then decide.

Further, a passenger will not be included in shared ride option based on their state. This will help the drivers and other passengers to avoid awkward and uncomfortable situations on their ride.

Benefits For Riders And Drivers

The new technology will be a benefit for both riders and the drivers. The drivers can ensure if a rider has cleaned itself after throwing up which will prevent uncomfortable rides. Also, according to an investigation carried out by CNN, it was reported that at least 103 cases are filed against drivers. The riders filed these cases regarding sexual assaults or facing abuses by the drivers in last four years. Not to say, this might just be a very little percent as a lot of cases goes undocumented. The new technology will help lower the chances and provide better ride experiences.


Apart from this, Uber has announced a new service – Uber Health for its passengers. Uber Health will provide rides from and to healthcare facilities from the passenger’s home. In this way, the passengers can be relaxed on their rides. Also, it will eliminate the need for smartphones since the cars can be booked through text messages also.

Uber has not responded to anything on the patent news but the news is almost certain. The main aim of every company is to increase their product’s safety and Uber is trying the same.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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