Top Features Available In iOS 12 Update

Yesterday at the WWDC, Apple came up with the iOs 12 for its iPads and iPhones. Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) is held every year in the month of June where Apple displays its latest technologies. It was expected that iOs 12 will be focused more on improving the current performance rather than new features. Well, it can be stated partially true as Apple did some performance changes by eliminating bugs and increased speed, but it did come up with some new features too. Group FaceTime, Screen Time, Measure App, Grouped Notifications are some of the new features added to the existing iOS 11. The new iOS 12 is expected to be available in the beta version later this month to all the devices running on iOS 11.

Faster And Improved OS

Earlier this year, Apple was accused of reducing the performance of older iPhones. This time, Apple has guaranteed that the new iOs will feel faster than other versions. In a test conducted on iPhone 6 Plus, the apps launch 40 percent faster. The Camera opens up 70 percent faster and the keyboard is 50 percent faster than the previous version. Apple has kept in mind the issues user faced and improved the older iPhones and iPads too. Also, the devices will perform better when under a heavy load than the previous iOS versions.

Grouped Notifications

Apple has improved the notifications panel which shows up on the lock screen. The notifications are now grouped together based on applications rather than individual notifications. The user can opt for ‘Quiet’ notifications which will show notifications on Notification Center rather than the lock screen. There is another option to disable sound/vibrate for specific app’s notifications.

Screen Time

Just like Google, Apple has come up with a new feature which shows the details regarding the applications. The user can see which app sends the most number of notifications and how much time is spent on the apps. It can further divide the usage into different categories so that the user can understand the time it is spending on the device. It will generate weekly reports based on the stats. Another feature is that the user can set up time limits for each application it uses. The device will then notify when the user is nearing the limit or have exhausted it. Once exhausted, the user can simply request for more time or stop using the application. Moreover, it gives parent more control over their children activities on the phone.

Group FaceTime

Apple is upgrading its FaceTime to support group video calls. From iOS 12, FaceTime can hold up to 32 people at a time. It will shrink the screen if the person is not speaking and expand it on the opposite. The users can also send Animoji when the conversation feels boring with the faces. Group FaceTime will be supported both on iOS and Mac OS X.


Another new feature is Apple’s own personalized avatars. In the new iOS 12, the users will be able to create characters with their own appearance, skin color, hairstyles, and outfits. Earlier, Samsung S9 came up with this idea, by Apple has worked quite a lot on it.

Augmented Reality

Apple has been working in the field of AR with Pixar and made a new file format USDZ especially for it. Many famous companies like Adobe, Sketchfab has already announced that it will be building applications in the USDZ format.

  • Measure App: One of the main feature included in iOS 12’s AR is the Measure App. The software allows the users to measure the dimensions of objects or distance between them. It works in a simple way where the user draws a line around the object and it shows the dimensions. There are many third-party apps but Apple has decided to do it on its own.
  • ARKit 2: Apple is taking the future of AR in its own hand and trying to change it significantly. The new ARKit allows the developers to develop apps with shared user experiences. When an app is run, separate users can see the same thing on two different devices.


Apple has improved its gallery application by including a ‘For You’ section. The new section provides with filters and effects to pictures based on the previous editing. A new shared experience is added which will prompt the users to share their own photos and videos when they receive it from another device on the same event.

Shortcut App

The feature which was missing in the powerful Siri was the ability to create a specific set of tasks to be implemented on a single command. Apple users can now create a set of tasks to be performed on a single command. The feature is already present on Google and Amazon, which Apple is trying to match its assistant with.


Siri is now open to many different apps. Apple claims it to be the most powerful personal assistance available. Third-party applications are now allowed to build shortcuts which will enable Siri to perform faster. “Hey Siri, I lost my keys”, is an example of the shortcut built for Tile Tracking device.

Other Features

Other changes include the revamped version of the Stocks App present on the devices. Apple’s CarPlay, an in-car platform will now support Google Maps navigation feature. Voice Memos will make an entry into the iPad devices following the new iOS 12. Apple News and iBooks have minor changes and bugs improvements. The iBooks app name is modified to Apple Books with a brand new design and usability.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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