Sony E3 Press Conference 2018 : Whats New In All The Announcements In One Place

Sony is in a comfortable position making their entry into the E3 2018. In the console gaming race, Sony is clearly on the first spot. They have a series of online games which are fantastic and loved by the gamers all around the world. It wasn’t expected that they will do something extraordinary in the E3 but we guess they did it. They had a pretty uncommon conference but the games turn out to be too good for the gamers.

Sony started off their conference in a church with a kingsmen reference and terrible sounds. Later, it turns out that it was just a trailer of their latest game, The Last Of Us – II.

The Last Of Us – II

The trailer started off with a passionate kiss and later showed the extreme gameplay of the post-apocalyptic survival game. The audience went wild and crazy seeing the trailer on the big screen. The trailer was good enough as we were expecting from this series.

For the users who have played the earlier part, the gameplay looks similar to it. Sharp, brutish portrayal of violence in the game sets them apart from other video games available. It looks an improvement over the original version and it’s amazing!

Ghost Of Tsushima

This was a surprise for Sony. Ghost Of Tsushima is another stunning game based on a samurai story set during the Mongol invasion. It is such a glorious and artfully created game driven by timings. The gameplay features lot many swords and actions which looks for good.


Another surprise was that Sony partnered with Remedy to release a new game. Its a surprise since Remedy always partners with Microsoft in the E3 conference. The trailers look like the gameplay is a first-person shooting game similar to Max Payne.

Death Stranding

The gameplay looks stunning and insane as expected. The trailer started with Norman Reedus carrying a backpack and looking in for some bizarre exploration. Sony has invested a lot of money in it and it looks that they have done it right.


The trailer did not impress like the other games. It had button mashing with fast pace Spider-Man. This game might not be on par with the other games but let’s see what Sony has kept in its box.

Resident Evil 2

The remake of the zombie game has excited the crowd pretty well. They have started the pre-order and will come into the market by January.

Other Stuff

Sony also announced a VR game but it was kinda weird. But, Sony has kept their level high. The presentation was weird but the games seem good. There’s a PlayStation presentation too which will mark the end of E3 2018 coming Tuesday. Let’s see if Sony impresses the crowd again.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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