Online Multiplayer Survival Game Coming On November 14, 2018

The largest gaming event E3 is on and we have some news from it. Bethesda has finally opened up about the newest Fallout game. Ever since the first trailer of the game was launched, fans were guessing it will be the first ever online gaming. And, fans were spot on as it is officially announced. Fallout 76, the latest game will be an online-only multiplayer game arriving on 14th November 2018. Later that evening at its own event, Bethesda revealed a new trailer along with other details.

The newest game can be played individually too but the real experience is included with friends. The main component is building a base with friends and fighting monsters and other enemy players in the game. If a person pre-orders the game, they will get access to the beta version which will be available quite earlier than the official release.

About The Game

In the latest trailer, the user is placed inside an abandoned vault 76. The remnants look like a celebration and later opens to the original timeline. New lighting and rendering technology have been adopted by Bethesda in the newest Fallout game. Also, Fallout 76 is believed to have a larger map which will be four times that of Fallout 4.

The makers also showcased instructional videos which show off the game as a first-person shooter. The game is filled with a number of monsters which can be taken off with friends. They also confirmed that dying out will not release all the gear a person holds. Also, if a person is aggressive against other players it might result in bounty which will be placed on their head. Another interesting feature which the developers gave a sneak peek is that the user can raid a nuclear side with its friends. The users can arm their base using the sites and kill other human players rather easily.

Rumors And News Regarding Fallout 76

Earlier at the Microsoft Xbox press conference, Bethesda revealed a 2-minute gameplay of their latest game – Fallout 76. But, it was just a short overview and nothing was revealed more than that. Later in their own conference, Bethesda came up with more information regarding the game and user co-operation. It revealed much larger gameplay information with benefits of playing with friends and so on.

When Bethesda announced the launch of Fallout 76 earlier last month, many thought it to be an online multiplayer gaming platform. Kotaku reported that game was likely to be an online survival game with the multiplayer feature.

The report actually made sense since Bethesda game has longer development time and implementation. Fallout 4 has been launched only two and half years back so the news was almost certain. Officially, Bethesda confirmed the reports by Kotaku, saying that “We were trying to bring multiplayer gameplay from a very long time and the newest version will do so”.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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