Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts from Deep Sea “May be Alien”

Astronomers have found the FRBs (Fast Radio Bursts) for the second time from the unknown part of the cosmos.

According to the study which was published on Wednesday by journal Nature the FRB’s are found by the Canadian Astronomers. The team has detected new 13 FRBs in the three weeks of 2018 in summer.

Mysterious about Alien

The Astronomers are doing the research on FRBs from 2002 through many new theories to find that from where these signals are originating and what these signals are?


But Astronomers are unable to study about these FRBs because they travel very fast which only appear for the fraction of seconds which makes difficult to study these FRBs. These signals travel the billions of light years from the cosmos.

After doing much research on it many theories came out and one of the Harvard Professor suggested that these signals might be the sign of Alien life.

Till now one FRB which was name as FRB 112102 was found that this FRB repeats itself. The Canadian Astronomers also found one more FRB which was different from the first one. And the new signal was known by the name of FRB 180814.J0422+73.

The FRB 112102 has repeated itself once and it was found that the new signal has repeated itself six times. It is more close to earth from the previous one, popping out it was 1.5 billion light-years away.


The discoveries have shown that there more FRBs will repeat in future and they will study about them when they will repeat and the mystery will be solved.

Alien mega structures, anyone?

These newfound signs could enable researchers to find more like a solution.

The presence of rehashing FRBs as the one caught a year ago could preclude some conceivable starting points.

These rehashing signals flashed from a similar spot in the sky (from an expected 1.5 billion light-years away) multiple times through the span of a while.


As per the investigation creators, this deferred reiteration precludes “calamitous occasions” like supernovas as a reasonable wellspring of the rehashed impacts, as erupts from a detonating star would be relied upon to happen just once.

“Till now only one repeating FRB is known Ingrid Stairs”, member of CHIME and the astrophysicist of British Columbia University, said in the statement.

So, scientists are doing research on these FRB’s they are waiting for there blast again to study them from where they are originating from and what they are?


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