6 Popular Brands Who Never Invested Money On Advertising for Marketing

Popular Brands Who Never Invested Money On Advertising for Marketing

For Companies, advertising and marketing are the wonders for there brand which help them to increase their sales. Most of the big and famous companies spend millions or billions of rupees on the advertisement. But, in this big market, there are some most popular Brands which has not invested a single rupees in an advertisement. They only run Campaign which interacts their audience in different ways and it makes them improve there services and products.

Let’s take a look at these –

Popular Brands Who Never Invested Money On Advertising for Marketing

1. Tupperware

This company uses the best strategy to increase their sales. They provide door-to-door service to customers. Tupperware has hired some Housewives Ladies.

These ladies go to houses for the sale of Tupperware product and they get some commission on selling their products.

2. GoPro

GoPro has never focused on TV advertisement, Unlike other camera companies. They take the reviews of their product from the customer through online. The company checks customer review to improve there product.

This way of getting feedback helps them to grow there market. Users also have the option of uploading images and videos which captures by GoPro cameras.

3. WhatsApp

WhatsApp gains the success, name, and fame in a very short time of period. This is possible because of the service they provide to the user. WhatsApp provides the fastest communication with very low data usage. The people who started using it from starting, they are using it till now.

Because it helps them to do a video call, voice call and chatting in free and now WhatsApp becomes the part of our modern life.

4. Old Monk

The Old Monk is ruling our Indian rum market properly. Old Monk is popular because the buyer can put Old Monk in there pocket, which the buyer like about it.

Old Monk also gives one business tip is, One can archive the success by keeping the price of the product affordable and spend smartly on advertising.

5. Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the get source of information. We can get each and every information in a systematic way in free.

The data which is available in Wikipedia is easy to understand. The fact is that they have never opted a marketing method.

6. Rolls-Royce

We all know that Rolls-Royce is the famous luxury car brand. The company knows that their cars are not affordable for everyone. So, they never do marketing on TV because they believe that, the person who can buy it they did not waste time to watch TV.

Because can price is too high that the person who is eligible to buy this car will be busy with there work not watching TV. So because of this, they never invested money in a TV advertisement.


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