John Oliver’s Facebook Apology Ad is “Bullsh*t”

Facebook has been surrounded by all the wrong news possible right now in the tech world. Starting from the Cambridge Analytica to various other issues, Facebook has faced a lot of backlash from the users. The company’s inadequate policy to safeguard their user privacy has resulted in a lot of defamation of the company. Recently, it was revealed that Facebook shares went down by 19% within 2 hours. The company lost nearly $120 billion within a day. It is regarded as the highest loss in the US stock market.

The company has suffered heavy losses and is in a bad state right now. To gain the trust of the users, Facebook is trying a lot. With the introduction of new policies and the apology ad, users might be thinking that their data is safe now but it is not so.

Facebook’s New Apology Ad

Recently, Facebook came up with a new ad to apologize to the users for breaking their trust. But it looks like everything is going wrong for Facebook these days. The ad was not well received by the audience and was made fun of.

In the famous show, Last Week Tonight by HBO, John Oliver mocked the Facebook’s new apology ad. He gave a bold statement stating that the social media company doesn’t care about its users. All the company cares is to make money and use the data they have of their users.

Oliver has said that the things Facebook actually apologized in the ads were happening with their concern. Facebook apologized for clickbait, data misuse, false news and such which could have been easily prevented if Facebook wanted to. Hence the host Oliver makes fun of the app in the show saying that the company is still not concerned about its users.


After the Cambridge Analytica scandal and several other problems, Facebook is trying a lot to get back the users trust. They are making their platform secure and better for the users. But, Facebook is going a way down they never thought they will. Facebook lost nearly 19% share in a single day owing to the problems. If Facebook declines at such a rate, it will become hard for the company to cope up with it. To overcome this, the company tried to launch an apology ad which backfired. People started making fun of it claiming that it is just a showcase and that Facebook is never concerned with the privacy of its users. If Facebook wants to make its mark again, they need to gain the trust as soon as possible before everything is gone.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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