Google Stops Selling Tablets And Here’s Why!

On Friday, Google removed the ‘Tablets” section from the Android Homepage. Though they did not make any announcement about it, Android Police caught the change. To get the Google’s OS in tablet, users might have to search elsewhere now. For quite a few years now, Android Tablets have not gained much in the field and this might be the reason Google opted to remove it. Google updated the site on Friday. When users click on the Android tablet heading, it redirects them back to the homepage of the Android Website.

Failure Of Android Tablets

Well, Android Tablets started in the year 2010. In the initial years, they bloomed as people liked it. But in the later years, the sales of the tablets started going down. The main reason for the downfall of the sales is that people chose the tablet for its simplicity and not the specs. So the improvement in the tablet specifications had little interest of the people who still prefer using the oldest tablets. Amazon’s Kindle can also be a reason for the downfall. Since people prefer tablets only to read texts, Kindle becomes handy in that. Parents buy it for their kids as it is cheap and useful.

In 2016, tablets were technically declared dead but it was quite early. In 2017, we saw over 160 million tablets were shipped but it was not late that Google itself shut it down. Google has struggled to make Android Tablets compete with iOs but it failed. They changed their focus to Netbooks when they adopted the Chrome OS and are working on increasing the compatibility of Android with the Netbooks.

Although it must be noted that Google isn’t the only one affected by the sales of tablets. In 2014, for the first time ever, Apple refreshed its flagship tablets. The sales continued to dip for both Apple and Samsung who are the pioneer in this business.

Chrome OS To The Rescue

After the recent failures in tablets, Google has shifted its attention to the Chromebooks. Though Chromebooks had a shaky start, it is well settled now. Android applications are now supported in the Chromebooks which means that the app runs on the tablet-size screen with a web browser running beneath. This year, the first-ever Chromebook – Acer Chromebook Tab 10 was launched. Further, Google has not announced the launch of any more tablets in the Android P version which might indicate the end of Android Tablets. Google will continue to compete with Apple’s iPad with its new Chromebook series.


According to a tweet by Hiroshi Lockheimer, the removal of the Tablet section from the Android Website was due to a bug. “The website was being updated and due to a bug, the tablet section got removed. It’s back up now! Sorry for the confusion caused”, tweeted Hiroshi. The news was confirmed when we saw the official site putting the Android Tablet section back up.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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