Get Ready For A Much Faster Internet With WiFi 6!

The speed with which technological advancements are taking place is definitely mind-blowing. The next generation of WiFi is here to solve all your Internet issues! So get ready for a much faster Internet with WiFi 6!

Next-generation – WiFi 

In very simple terms, WiFi 6 is the next generation of WiFi which will give you much faster Internet speed with many other additional benefits.

As the demand for faster Internet services increase, especially in times of quarantine, WiFi 6 is here to save the day. But is it only faster Internet that it provides?

WiFi 6 is supposed to provide a speed of 9 Gbps! Sounds terrific, doesn’t it? This speed could be divided among various other devices, giving a boost to all of them.

Need for a faster Internet

Okay, so most of us have been there. There’s one WiFi in the house to which several other devices are connected due to which speed slows down. WiFi 6 can easily resolve this issue.

This is specially made for improving the network for a bunch of devices connected together to the same WiFi. The number of devices connected to WiFi is increasing today. That can take a toll on your router.

WiFi 6 will resolve the issues that arise when we connect a dozen different devices on the same network.

What WiFi 6 does…


Okay, so let’s get this straight: the speed will not be substantially faster. Confused? Let’s go over it to get a clear idea of what WiFi 6 is actually supposed to do.

Think about it in present terms. When you connect your laptop to your WiFi, the speed is awesome. Now you add another device and you notice the speed has slowed down. Add one more device to it now- what do see? Worse speed? And that is the issue that WiFi 6 is supposed to resolve.

As you start using WiFi 6, you won’t notice too much of a difference in speed from your previous WiFi. But as you add more and more devices, you’ll realize that unlike with previous WiFi, the speed is the same for all devices still.

Instead of getting overwhelmed by a multitude of devices, WiFi 6 keeps them all functioning well with the data they need- without a reduction in speed.

And this is not it. WiFi 6 offers a multitude of other benefits as well.

Less battery drain 

WiFi 6 can effectively improve the battery life of the devices it is connected to.

The technology in WiFi 6 will allow the devices to plan out communication with routers. This will reduce the amount of time that devices spend on looking for signals. This will prevent unnecessary battery drain and hence improve the battery life.

Target Wake Time, a feature of WiFi 6 allows lets routers schedule check-in times with devices.

Better security 


WiFi 6 is going to be very secure for its users. Why? Because of WPA3.

WPA3 is a new security protocol which makes it harder for hackers to crack in your network by guessing passwords. And if hackers still manage to crack in, it makes data less useful to them.

So is WPA3 only for WiFi 6? No, current WiFi also supports WPA3, but they can work without it also. But there’s a catch with WiFi 6.

A WiFi 6 device can only receive certification from the WiFi Alliance if it supports WPA3. So in short, WPA3 is mandatory for WiFi 6 devices and hence most of them are going to be secure and safe.

How to get WiFi 6?


Now those of you who are convinced to get a WiFi 6 connection in your home want to know all about how to get it.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you will need to buy new devices. That’s right. WiFi 6 is supported only in WiFi 6 devices. Just how you need a 5G supporting phone for a 5G network.

That doesn’t mean you should just go and get a new laptop right away. It’s a technology upgrade that will automatically start coming in with new devices.

But one thing that you will have to buy is the WiFi 6 router. If your router doesn’t support WiFi 6, there’s no point in getting WiFi 6 devices (although you can run WiFi 5 gadgets on WiFi 6).

Long story short, do not rush. This is going to be common technology in every device soon- by default. No need of spending your savings on a technology that will soon be available everywhere in no time.

Until next time!

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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