How To Boost Your Internet Speed and Browse Safely

If you are not privacy-conscious, you would have asked this question, “What do I have to hide?” Many people don’t know the dangers of their privacy getting exposed.

Billions of people use the internet and they don’t even know what tools to use for fighting against privacy threats.

Cloudflare has come with a solution which consists of 2 tools to protect you. One is the DNS server and the other one is WARP. DNS server helps you connect your IP address (e.g., to the desired website (eg.,


If you don’t have encrypted connections, hackers may attack you and steal your information.

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WARP is a VPN service that is faster than other VPN services. It is fairly priced and offers high-end protection to your privacy. Your data is completely encrypted and you need not depend on websites to offer your security. The combination of these 2 tools will secure your internet traffic from potential threats.

Method 1

Install the App (iOS & Android)

Cloudflare’s app is the best choice for iPhone and Android (8.1 Oreo or older) users. It is not advisable to configure DNS manually because there is a limitation in protection.

Only specific Wi-Fi networks receive protection. When you use the internet from cellular data, it won’t work. You get faster and secure the internet if you use the Cloudflare app.


Internet Service Providers (eg., Airtel, Jio) and hackers can’t see what websites you are visiting when you use DNS server ISPs collect all your data and sell it to advertisers.

Then advertisers will not trouble you by posting ads on the websites you visit. Also, hackers can’t steal your data and you get much-needed protection against URL hijacking. With the DNS server, Your credit details will not be exposed and you are 100% safe from spams and malicious attacks.

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Method 2

Using Private DNS

In Android 9 Pie, a specials private DNS feature grabbed our attention. Without using a VPN, you can configure DNS servers by using private DNS.

By using private DNS, your connection is faster as you are not connecting a remote server as you do in a VPN. You can use private DNS, even if you have a VPN service running.

If you are having a device that has Android 9 or newer, Open Settings. Click on “Network & Internet”. From the options, select Advanced ( also “More connection settings”). Tap on Private DNS and select “Private DNS provider hostname”.

Once you have completed it, select Save. To confirm that you have done it right, open the browser and copy-paste this web address on your mobile.

See the debug information section and If everything is right, “Connected to” will show “Yes”. Next to “Using DNS over TLS,” or “Using DNS over HTTPS,” there will be an option “Yes”. It depends on the way you configured.


WARP is the Ultimate Solution

WARP is an advanced VPN service that is based on a new protocol, WireGuard. This protocol is faster than conventional standard protocol OpenVPN. This VPN helps you to secure your internet traffic and communicate safely.

Using Public Wi-Fi is unsafe due to malicious attacks by spammers and hackers. WARP offers protection when you use Public Wi-Fi.


WARP is the best option if you are looking for Protection and High-Speed Internet at the same time. Argo technology helps you to boost the website load speed by 30%. This technology sends thousands of probes across the internet and Cloudfare’s links.

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These probes identify the fastest connection and transfer data in that route. You will always get the quickest route on the public internet.

WARP is not a VPN service that enables you to access the internet anonymously. Cloudflare doesn’t protect your real IP address. WARP will ensure that your IP address is in safe hands. IP address goes to those who you want to give.


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