Everything You Need To Know About MacOS Mojave

Yesterday, at the WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference), Apple announced a new version of macOS. Every year, Apple hosts its annual event WWDC in the month of June where it announces new technologies related to its devices. There were rumors that Apple will shut down its macOS but it is not true. The company came up with a newer version of the macOS named macOS Mojave in this year’s WWDC. While presenting the new macOS, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple said that “We are excited to announce that Mac will take a huge step forward from now on”.

Dark Mode

When Federghi, Senior Software Engineering took on the stage to explain the new MacOS, he started with a dark mode. The new MacOS comes with a setting which will invert the colors of everything available. Apple has redone all the buttons and color schemes of the OS. The background of Finder, Calendar, Dock, Menu bar everything changes. Like some applications, people who prefer that the white theme is not for them can easily switch over to the dark theme OS.

Changes In The Layout

With the new macOS, the desktop and wallpapers change according to the time of the day. On the desktop, the OS will automatically stack up to the documents in their format order. The Finder has a new Gallery like view which is similar to the Cover Flow feature. The new feature can be useful for seeing the instances of the folder. Using the Automator feature, the user can create a PDF, add watermarks to their files easily. The Quick Look is also revamped with the iOS-like features. It enables the users to draw on photos, trim the video and so on. The screenshot tool now let the users record quick videos directly.

Connection Between iOS and Mac OS

Apple is increasing the connectivity between Mac and the iPhone. The users can open camera app directly on its iPhone using the Mac. When the user selects Keynote app, it has an option to add a photo using iPhone. When selected, the camera app automatically launches on the user’s iPhone.

Other Features

With the major changes in the MacOS there are many minor changes and features added too:

  • If news available on the browser was not enough, Apple News is also making its entry in the MacOS. Along with it, Voice Memo, Stock Apps will also be available for the Mac users.
  • Home is also making its appearance in the macOS to control security cameras, lights and more.
  • New privacy protection features are also introduced. Safari will block the javascript loading unless the user grants access to it. The company is adding a camera, message history, and backups privacy popups too. Safari will also prevent fingerprints to be used with default plugins and fonts.
  • MacOS App Store is finally getting a much-needed upgrade. Apple redesigned the iOS store last year while leaving behind the MacOS Store. With a better user interface and revamped design, it looks good than before.
  • A new tool Create ML will help the developers with machine learning. Local machines can be used to manage test sets and for small projects.
  • Apple will allow iOS developers with UIKit to port their apps quickly to the Mac. But, developers will not be able to use the UIKit for now. It will be available in the future.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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