8 Amazing Perks Google Offers To Its Employees

Google, the tech giant is known to treat their employees very well. They offer a lot of perks to their current and ex-employees which are famous throughout the world. Glassdoor, one of the most famous websites which shows employee satisfaction ratings on various things. Google is rated at 4.6 on 5 stars on the benefits offered by them. From free food at work to a long parental leave, Google has some of the most amazing perks for its employee.

Below is a list of some of the perks offered by Google for current and ex-employees of their company:

Playing Games In Office

One of the most famous perks of working at Google is that employees are allowed to play arcade games. There are arcade game machines in Google’s office located in Chicago, IL. Google feels that playing games relax the employees of their workload and it is good to get the attention back to work after a while.

Free Food

Who doesn’t like free food if it is healthy and tasty? While most of the companies offer their employees with free snacks, Google is different. Google offers its employee to eat every meal of the day at the office free of cost. They have cafes, micro kitchens and other options from breakfast to lunch and dinner. One of the employees said that it helps us cut down on personal expenses as it is free and tasty.

50% Salary To Deceased Family

One of the brave moves by Google is to offer 50% of the salary of a deceased employee to their spouse or partner. Moreover, Google offers the salary for a period of 10 years which can cost them a fortune keeping in mind the high salary of the company. Along with this, Google provides their children (if any) with a pocket money too.

Free Cooking Classes And Interaction Sessions

Along with the free meals, Google hosts free cooking classes for the employees. The cooking classes help the employees bond with their co-workers and learn something which is again, free of cost.

On-site Gyms

On-site gyms are available for Google employees 24/7 or whenever the building remains open. Being a world-class gym, there are many classes offered. Boxing, Barre classes are few examples of such. All these benefits are add-on perks which are free of cost.

Massage Centers

Most of the Google offices around the world have highly trained massage therapists which the employees can take benefit from. It helps them to relieve tension and stress due to workload. Along with this, some offices have wellness and health-care services too for the employees.

Free Transportation

At some of the Google’s office like one at California, the employees can take a free shuttle to and from the work location. Thus, it helps them save on daily transportation cost. Since the transport is fast and accessible, they can easily reach their office on time. Along with this, the shuttles are air-conditioned and also have wi-fi inside them.

20% Time Policy

Google is known to offer its employees time to work on themselves. Gym, health care, massage centers are examples of such. Along with this, Google is known to have a policy called -“20% time”. It encourages the employees to spend 20% of their time doing what they love. For example, the employees can take guitar lessons, coding classes and so on.

Thus, Google has become a dream company for any tech enthusiasts. They treat their employees well and thus it is always improving. Such incentives and perks are rare in tech companies but Google has broken the barrier.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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