How To Create Custom Stickers With Your Own Photos?

Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp has now come with the new feature. Now, you can send custom Sticker other than already existing stickers. This feature is available for both, Android and IOS devices. But, the Android user has some more advantages like you can send third-party sticker from downloading the sticker pack directly from Google Play Store. Not only this much, but the Android user can also create there own photo sticker. Read this article carefully and step-by-step I will guide you.

There are two main points that you should remember are-

  1. Create an image with no Background.
  2. Adding it to WhatsApp sticker.

1.  Update your WhatsApp messaging app if it is not updated. Make sure it is running on the Version 2.18 or above.

2. Now, click your photo with your best expression you want.

3. Now, this is the main step, you have to convert your photo into PNG formate with no Background. For doing this you can download any app from the PlayStore (Background Eraser) which can erase background from the image.

5. Now, select the photo which you want to convert them into a sticker and after selecting erase its background with Manual, Auto or magic tool.

6. Crop the image which makes it to look like a sticker.

7. After, doing these editing just save the image into PNG formate because WhatsApp only supports PNG.

8. Once you save the image in PNG Formate, you are ready to rock the sticker world. Now, send it to your contacts to whom you want to send.

9. You have to create at least three stickers like this. Because WhatsApp does not allow to add sticker pack with less than 3 stickers.

10. Now, go to play store and download “Personal Stickers App For Whatsapp” After Downloading open it.

11. The app will automatically scan the “Personalised Stickers” that you have created.

12. Now, click on the “ADD” button to add the stickers. The button is located right side to the personalized sticker.

13. Again, click on the Add button.

14. Once you completed these steps, open the chat window and then click on the smiley icon.

15. Now, just tap on the sticker option which you will get right of the GIF Icon.

16. Now, you just have to click on the sticker that you want to send to your contact and it will send to them. Keep in mind that, once you completed these steps you do not need to do them again and again. Once you done these steps, the “Personalised Stickers” will come to your sticker bank icon and you do not need to follow the same steps again.

That’s it you have successfully created your own custom stickers. Now, enjoy with your friends by sending these stickers to them.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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