Twitter’s Third party App “Tweetbot” founded officially Dead

Twitter is rendering most of the Twitter third-party apps and tweetbots helpless with the new API change. With the new API change, many features which were present in the API are either being removed or being deprecated. Recently, Twitter announced that it will be changing its API to restrict the third-party apps which are using the Twitter APIs. A famous Twitter third-party app called Tweetbot recently revamped its app and released a new version of it.

If we go into the basics of API it simply stands for Application Programming Interfaces. It allows two different programs to talk to each other and interact.

Twitter wants to restrict the third-party apps to have less access to the social network. Tweetbot and other third-party apps are expected to lose many of their key features. Twitter has either removed the feature or degraded it to a low level. For many, Twitter did not add any alternative method hence the features are being removed. Some of the features to be highlighted are  – The timeline will now stream instantly over WiFi. Push notifications which we receive for likes, retweets and such things will now be delayed. Timelines will now be refreshed after every two minutes automatically.

Twitter API Changes

About the changes in the Twitter API, the company announced them back in April. The deadline was set to be June 19 but the developers of the third-party applications were given more time to migrate their apps to the new API. When the developers of these apps were asked about the changes, they said that it is painful for them. But they understand Twitter wants to keep its platform more secure and safe. Many said that the changes will not have much effect on the third-party applications. However, some of the features will be removed and will affect the applications a little.

Twitter has started to roll out the API change on 16th August. It is expected to complete by 23rd August hence all the users who are using any third-party applications are expected to update their applications for making them work again.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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