Tips To Prevent Fast Data Exhaustion

We are going to be dealing with a very basic problem of our daily life in this article – fast data exhaustion.

Given the fact that we are constantly on the Internet for most of our work or entertainment, fast data exhaustion can be quite irritating. Especially when you can’t understand how it is happening.

Sure you were on YouTube for a bit and using some other apps as well. But still, it wasn’t that long to exhaust so much of your daily data. So what’s happening?

We are here to tell you exactly that and provide you with a few tips that might help you deal with this issue properly. Read on!

Reasons behind fast data exhaustion

Friends, the first step to prevent fast data exhaustion is to understand what leads to it.

The complaints of faster data exhaustion comes mainly from those whose Internet speed is extremely good. People with low Internet speed rarely face the issue of running out of data too soon.

Although I’m not sure you might want to complain about having a fast internet, but that’s one major reason. Background data is another culprit apart from faster internet that’s snacking on your data pack.

These are the two main reasons behind the unimaginable data consumption and loss, but there are several other smaller reasons too. Now let’s dissect each reason one by one.

Social media platforms


Yes, surprisingly, social media platforms can be a major reason behind the fast data exhaustion.

Most of us use social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat or TikTok. But such platforms where lot’s of media is available and continuously loading takes more data than others such platforms.

If you want to confirm this, you can simply check data usage of your apps. Such platforms are sure to have consumed most of your data so far.

You can control data exhaustion on such platforms by disabling the auto-loading of videos.

Too many apps aren’t helping


I know we are living in a time when every problem has its solution in the form of some app. And because of this, even you must have too many apps installed on your phone.

But how many are too many? Or, more importantly, how many are too much for your data?

Many people have over 100 apps installed on their phones, maybe much more than that. And every single app uses at least 1 MB data in the background – some uses much more than that.

So that’s around 100-200 MB going out without any use at all. So how many apps do you have on your phone? Count and do your own calculation.

And what’s the solution for this? Just turn off the background data of most of these apps that you don’t use too frequently- easy!

Auto downloads, friends?


Okay, so let’s start this section with our very own WhatsApp- one the most used messaging app in your phone.

WhatsApp updates all your data at night while you are sleeping peacefully. So by the time you wake up, a part of your data has already been used up. So that’s the backup data loss.

How about auto-downloads on WhatsApp and other similar platforms? You don’t even know what picture or other media it is that’s already downloading in the background. That’s auto-download data loss.

And now coming to our favourite Google Playstore. Again, ask yourself if you have turned the auto-updates on here. Have you?

Because if you have, then all of those over a hundred apps of yours are constantly getting updated, whether you need it at the moment or not.

If you are connected to WiFi, then it’s pretty good, But otherwise, you need to change your settings.

So all in all, what you need to do is turn off all these settings in different apps. Make sure that these apps are not on auto-download or auto-update.

Data alerts and limits


Yes, that’s a really effective step you might take to prevent fast data exhaustion.

Setting data alerts will warn you that you are reaching your limit for the day. After the initial warning, when you have finally reached your limit, your cellular data usage will be turned off.

Setting data limits proves to be very effective if you have a tendency to go on binge-watching YouTube videos, forgetting that you are not on WiFi.

That can help save data for other important use.

Other tips to prevent fast data exhaustion

We have already told you the major reasons behind the fast data exhaustion now follow these other small tips as well to protect your data. Small steps matter after all!

Limit your browser usage. Many browsers consume too much background data. So try using one or two all-purpose browsers instead of having different browsers for different things.

And this one is pretty obvious and harmless – turn off your phone data when not in use. Or at least while you sleep! You definitely won’t be using the Internet while sleeping, so why not give your apps a bit of rest as well?

And now, turn off those notifications that aren’t important. Apps consume data to fetch you those notifications, so turn them off.

And download maps while travelling instead of using it online. That will save a lot of data.

And use WiFi wherever you can. Don’t let the opportunity pass!

That’s all for today. Until next time!

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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