This Is Why You Should Delete Your Facebook Account In 2020

Okay, so 2020 is here and you have made a ton of new year resolutions. No comments regarding the things you should add, but you must get rid of one thing. Facebook. Wanna know what happens after you delete your Facebook account?

Although many of you might already have done that, others might be planning to. And yet others might be confused if they should or should not. After all many things depend on your Facebook newsfeed.

I agree it might be difficult. For many of us, it is the source of whatever little news we get. But there are some valid questions that need to be considered.

Allow me to clear your confusion and put some very important facts and reasons to help you decide. Here I am giving you some valid reasons that justify deleting facebook this new year.

Facebook has way too many issues

Facebook has way too many issues

The number of problems faced or rather posed by Facebook is unmatched by other tech companies. Many of its problems like unethical political Ad policies, data privacy violations. have recently garnered too much attention. 

You can no longer remember Facebook without acknowledging Cambridge Analytica and privacy infringement issues.

You may ignore the mistakes and scandals once or twice. But when it doesn’t stop, you need to start considering if it’s still worth your time. And if it is still worth risking your data and privacy again.

Facebook has been repeatedly mishandling its user data and taking bad decisions. And Facebook is no more about connecting people. It is capitalizing on the data of its users.

The attitude of the founder

The attitude of the founder

Many might not think that the attitude of Mark Zuckerberg should influence our decision to keep or delete Facebook. But then, it actually should. Why? We’ll tell you.

As the CEO and founder of such a large platform, a sense of responsibility should come. But Zuckerberg totally lacks this one important quality. 

He has constantly denied the idea of influencing the 2016 elections until forced into thinking about it. Zuckerberg had allegedly called it a crazy idea, only to apologize later on. 

And that is just one case. How sensitive is he about how his decisions affect other people? 

There are many other instances which prove that he thinks only about his own profits. Just take some time someday to do research on his history of scandals small and big.

A man who refuses to take responsibility should not be trusted with one. Look after yourself, because he won’t.

Facebook’s priority is profit

Facebook’s priority is profit

Yes. And unethically so. Facebook has time and again proved that it prioritizes profit over user privacy. 

As a result of its several scandals and security breaches, Facebook has even faced some legal action. Yes. FCC or Federal Communications Commission even fined Facebook with a sum of $5 billion for privacy violations. This has been a record-breaking amount to be fined with but I guess it serves the justice. 

You no longer need Facebook

When it emerged, Facebook was a way to connect people. In the beginning, it was the only platform to have helped people from a great network. 

But for one thing, it is no longer the only platform to connect with people from everywhere.  And second, it has long lost its real purpose. 

With several other platforms like Instagram and Twitter already have established, you can do without Facebook now. 

People are already becoming more and more active on Instagram and Twitter than on Facebook.

So yes, now that you no longer need Facebook, you can get rid of it. You can always use other, safer social networking platforms to stay connected with people.

So go ahead and make yourself safer and delete Facebook from your online and offline lives. Goodluck.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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