The New York Times (NYT) Introducing a personalized ‘news feed’ to its iOS app

This week, The New York Times is bringing in a major update to their iOS app. The NYT is going to introduce a News Feed type display in their app. The new update is inspired by Facebook’s age-old news feed. The app will let users edit their own feed which is called as ‘Your Feed. Users can now select channels and follow them. The feed will be filled with stories from those channels only. In this way, the users can personalize their experience within the application. There will be a different type of channels like sports channel which will provide commentary updates and other evergreen channels which will fetch data from older articles.

When the editors were asked about the ‘Your Feed’ section, they said that it will help the people as well as the publishers. The people will be able to read what they like and the publishers will be happy serving such kind of people. Many people are interested in reading about old myths or follow a match with regular live updates. Hence, the publishers or writers will be interested and happy to serve these kinds of people.

the new york times feed
the new york times introducing your feed for ios users

Your Feed – The NYT’s Latest Addition

The UI of the new feature has been designed to look and feel like a real newspaper. Generally, when people read a newspaper they read the main headlines on the front page and switch to their favourite section. Similar to that, the Your Feed tab will help people read articles on their chosen topics. When The New York Times was asked about the idea, they said that a survey was conducted to understand users behaviour. It was found that many people were asking for a personalized section for them to read the news from. Hence, they are redesigning their app to better suit the people needs.


The New York Times is a famous location for the users where nearly 160 articles are being published every day. But, at the same time searching for the articles of your interest is a tedious and boring work. People might get irritated by the irrelevant stories which they do not want to read. The NYT has also included some AI and other algorithms to help the user find the most relevant contents for them.

The new feature will be able only for the iOS users for now. It will include 24 channels for the users to choose from. Once the user selects the channels, they can switch to the ‘Your Feed’ tab and read the relevant articles there. Later on, more channels will be added as said by The NYT. With the user feedback on the feature, there will be enhancements in the design and the working later on. Further on, based on the feedback they receive, The New York Times will expand the feature to other platforms as well.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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