Surgical Robots Marks Neuralink’s Astonishing Discovery

Elon Musk the famous Tech Tycoon has introduced an astounding invention in the Brain hack Era, the Surgical Robots.
His company Neuralink has created an innovative Robotic interface. It can connect the brain to a computer system.
This happens with the help of brain hacking technology. Elon Musk calls his device ‘Link V0.9’ a ‘Fitbit’ which has thin wires which can fit in the skull of any human being or animal.

Implanting device in the skull with Surgical Robots

Implanting device in the skull with Surgical Robots
Neuralink performed the testing of the device Link V0.9 on three pigs. The device is been fixed in the skull with the help of Surgical robots. The Surgical robots are specialized for this purpose which makes it perfect.
The size of the tiny device Link V0.9 is as small as 23×8 mm so that it can fit in the skull. The surgical robots cut a small part of your skull and place the device.
Superglue is been used for the adhesive purpose at the part where the device is placed.
The device used for various tasks in your brain can work for one complete day as its battery life is 24 hours.
Surgical robots are inbuilt with sensors and cameras to perform the implantation carefully.

Link V0.9 as a phone placed in Brain

Link V0.9 as a phone placed in Brain
The various tasks this device can do makes it look like a phone placed in your brain. The device can play music for you, can warn you about any upcoming danger like a heart stroke etc.
The device can also track body changes like blood pressure, temperature rise, heartbeat etc. It has the functions the same as a smartwatch. It can give alerts for any suspected change observed.
The installation of this device does not involve giving anaesthesia to the person. The installation happens within hours without the need for anaesthesia.

Goals of Neuralink behind Surgical Robots and Link V0.9

Goals of Neuralink behind Surgical Robots and Link V0.9
Neuralink made a statement that it does not want to make money by selling this device which fits in the brain. Rather they want to use it as a device which can mitigate the brain and spine problems in people.
It welcomes people from all over the world to join Neuralink and help it to make this device useful and viable for the people.
According to Elon Musk, the number of Neurological problems in people is very high these days and so the discovery of Surgical Robots and Link V0.9 can prove to lessen these numbers.


Neuralink is a brain-machine interface developer company by Elon Musk. It focuses on machines placed in the brain with some special purpose.
The invention of Surgical Robots and Link V0.9 device is to deal with potential threats. The potential threats refer here to severe neurological problems.
The future projects of Neuralink are also concerned with the same aim that is to cure the problems with brain interface machines caused by any damage to brain tissues.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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