Top 5 Best Free Screen Recorder For Mobile Device 2018

The Screen Recorder has it’s own another advantage. If you play games on your mobile phone and spending too much time in it, so that you can open a YouTube Channel of Game Play. Or if your friend has any doubt related to any app usage or mobile setting then you can make a video of you phone screen by screen recording app so it will be helpful for him. I know many of you are the YouTuber’s who are reading this article. Because many YouTube beginner starts making videos by recording there mobile screen. Specially when they have a tech-related channel.

So if you want to know, which app will give you good screen recording video quality and voice quality then continue reading this article. In this article i will show you:-

Top 5 Best Screen Recording App For Your Mobile Device. 

  1. A-Z Screen Recorder- No Root 


So, first app is A-Z Screen Recorder, this app is used by millions of peoples for recording there mobile screen. The best thing in this app is that it does not require root access. This app record the video in HD and Full HD quality. It does not have any watermark and you can use this app without any time limit means you can record long video also. This app automatically save the video into Gallery after recording. This app is highly customizable. The pro version of this app have some extra features like Magic button, ad removal and time counter.

 2. DU Screen Recorder


DU screen recorder is the best screen recorder and it is using by 10 Million peoples world wide. This app records whatever happening in your android device. You can also edit your video after recording by clicking on build edit button. This app does not have any time limit, but it lefts a water mark in every recorded video.

3. Super Screen Recorder- No Root Access REC and Screenshot


Super screen recorder is the a very good screen recorder which comes with the friendly interface. You can edit videos also in this app. It does not have any time limit. It provides high quality video and you can also pause or resume or stop the video while recording. You can also hide the floating logo from the screen.

You can also create a GIF from this app and by default this app does not contain any water mark.

4. Screen Recorder- No Ads


This app is totally free and have a very smooth interface. This app does not contain any ads and no water mark also. This app is totally free. It does not require root access also. You can also add the text, logos while recording.

5. ADV Screen Recorder


This screen recorder provides same all essential features as we read above. This app also does not require too access. While recording you can use both front and rear camera.

This app does not contains ads and it also has a 3 seconds ad count before starting recording.

6. Google Play Games


Google play game comes with the screen recorder function with the help of this app you can direct go to live on YouTube or any other social media account. The best thing this app does not have any ads and work in non-rooted devices also.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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