Samsung Announces SmartThings Wi-Fi System In Partnership With Plume

Today, Samsung has launched a new updated version of their wifi product. Samsung has partnered with Plume Design, a Palo Alto-based company. In partnership with the company, Samsung has made a new software which will power the devices. According to Samsung, the new device makes use of Artificial Intelligence which allocates bandwidth for the devices. The bandwidth is distributed evenly between the connected devices hence it allows the Wi-Fi to cover throughout the home. Hence by making the optimal use of AI, Samsung is trying to make the product a big win.

Samsung’s Upgraded Wi-Fi Device

The new device designed by Plume in partnership with Samsung is estimated to be a success. The product uses AI to allocate bandwidth and hence makes the Wi-Fi available nearly everywhere in the home. Along with that, it also has a SmartThings Hub feature which allows the users to connect their IoT based home products. Hence users just need to buy a single box and everything can be connected to it.

The introduction of the SmartThings feature is a bonus in the device. Fahri Diner, CEO of Plume said that “Working with Samsung in integrating our adaptive home Wi-Fi tech will prove very useful. With Plume, users will be able to ensure that the Wi-Fi network which is connected to the devices will treat them equally. Each of the connected devices will have the same user experience”.

Plume – World’s First Mesh Network Product

Plume Designs was founded in the year 2014 and became the world’s first company to manufacture mesh network products for the consumers. After the success of Plume, many companies entered into the field and Plume had to make new usage. When Comcast partnered with them, they found a new ray of hope and launched the xFi. After this, the company never saw a drop. They raised $42.2M in three rounds of funding. After partnering with Samsung for their new product, Plume Designs can enhance their reputation and reach a new height too.


When the Samsung’s SmartThings WiFi Router is compared with relatable products, it is priced higher. The device comes in a pack of three which will cost $279. They will also give out single units of the product at the cost of $119. However, the device seems promising with the use of AI giving it an extra edge. Also, parents can now restrict the network on their kids’ devices so it is shut down after a specific time. They can further look into the browsing stats for monitoring the bandwidth consumed by the kids. For making it more secure, the users will be able to make temporary login id and passwords for the guest who are in there for a short period. The SmartThings Wi-Fi System is available for purchase through the Samsung online store or the other third-party stores.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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