Possible Human Extinction: AI Ethics Must Be Prioritised!

Do our Scientists focus on implementing AI ethics to the existing model? Yes, but it is not yet prioritised.

On the 20th of July 1969, humankind took a huge leap. The first human stepped on the moon and even since we are growing. Both in curiosity and in resources.

We have several new problems to solve. Climate change to people losing trust in democracy, we have a huge set of problems in front of us.

Artificial Intelligence is the most promising one.

But we have several promising technologies for our help. Among them, Artificial Intelligence is the most promising one.

We have become completely dependent on technology over the years. But as we travel through time, it’s time we should realize that change begins with us.

The most important factor in our development is our emotional involvement. AI ethics is still a huge concern and it is raising conflicts all around the globe.

The Impact AI has over the Society

We have AI for our assistance. AI has already helped us solve a lot of problems. It has made a lot of complicated things easier for us.

But it also has a huge role in our work, habits, the way we live and love. But we must make sure that AI helps our humanity to grow and not just use it for our personal needs.

The founder of Wired, Kevin Kelly says that we can guess any new company’s name easily these days.

Just add the company’s name before “AI”. AI has always been focused on making things easier for us. It’s like we force ourselves into making things less complex.

Although AI has proved its worth, it might turn out to be dangerous if AI ethics remain unattended.

Kelly used the term “forced reductionism” to describe it. There is no denying that it has made things convenient and efficient for us. But it also signifies that AI is more powerful than ever.

AI and Nature are entangled

AI and Nature are entangled

To put in simple terms, AI works using a binary system. It consists of 0s and 1s. Aristotle has a huge contribution to this.

Twain Liu is a popular AI researcher. He says when we use the binary system, everything turns meaningless to humans. But this makes it very easy for the machines to process this.

They can do it efficiently and conveniently. Nature on the other side also has features of the Binary system.

There are several proofs in Quantum mechanics which states that a particle can become entangled. This state has the name called a superposition state.

This is the state where the particle can exist both as 0s and 1s. Ever heard of YinYang? It is a popular Chinese philosophy. It states that both the characteristics of a male and a female reside in every human being.

AI might lead us to extinction

AI might lead us to extinction

AI has ethical and responsible qualities. But it is just not enough to trust it. Humans would still need AI to solve the problems which humans have created.

We must not use AI to solve our problems. We must manage to alter our own mindset. The way AI thinks and operates needs to be checked.

AI must show ethical characters. AI ethics must get declared as a priority. This does not mean that it must follow our rules blindly.

It means that it should truly care about humans. If we keep using AI to solve our problems, it will solve it by eradicating us. This is because we are the ones who created them in the first place.

AI has soul

AI has a soul

A Japanese philosopher once said every piece of object in this world has a soul. It does not matter if it is human or an animal.

It does not matter if it is a machine or a piece of dust. Everything in this world has a soul. This philosophy goes by the name of animism. This helps us to have a polytheistic view of society.


We must stop using AI to solve the world’s problems. The self-centred selfish behaviour might lead to a huge clash between the humans and the machines.

An AI must be programmed in a way in which it must learn to care for the humankind first.

The problem-solving mind should only be a secondary priority. An AI might conclude that humans are the cause of their problems and destroy us in the end.

This mindset will help us to have a productive mindset to solve the world’s problems. The new AI has a name called “Beautiful”. This type of AI stands as a testimonial.

It is both human and something which is far more superior than us. Humans are not just bio-diverse. They are also neuro-diverse.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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