Interesting: Now AI Can Predict The Chances of Getting A Job

When you apply for a job, AI bots or programs are used to filter your resumes. They search for important keywords that employers look for. This saves a lot of time during the interview process. Now, AI can predict whether you will get selected or not.

A survey released by LinkedIn says that 67% of employers use AI bots. The algorithms which scan the resumes have received several negative reviews.

It is evident that they are not accurate all the time. A company named HireVue has introduced a video platform for interviews. The algorithm used to design the platform can predict the future success rate of the employee.

The algorithms look for the traits which the clients expect from the employees. AI can predict a hell lot of things.

The company claims that the digital interviews performed by the algorithm are far more effective. Human interviews are prone to biased results. A lawsuit has been filed against HireVue by the lawyers at EPIC.

The company claims that the software does not use facial recognition. But the lawyers argue that facial recognition is a part of the algorithm.

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere

The employers use AI at various portions of the Interview process. From attracting applicants to scanning their performance, AI is everywhere. ‘LinkedIn recruiter’ is another important tool that employers use. It uses to AI to rank the applicants based on many parameters.

There are AI tools that help the applicants as well. ZipRecruiter helps job applicants by matching their skill set with nearby jobs. It helps the applicants in finding their perfect job match. The creators of the application say that it has helped more than 1.5 billion applicants.

Arya is another intelligent job searching tool. Arya can even look into the companies’ database to identify the perfect job. It can predict whether a candidate would stay or switch between jobs. ‘Ideal’ is another similar service which is co-founded by Somen Mondal.

He states that it can do a lot more than just scanning resumes. Unlike other services, it has the ability to learn and understand. It analyzes the experiences of the applicants and ranks them. It makes the job simple for the employer.

The Rise of Chatbot

The Rise of Chatbot

AI is not just used in the application process. A chatbot is used to engage in conversations with the applicant. A chatbot can give an experience that is similar to human interaction. Chatbot uses Natural language processing and several trials and errors. They get better with time.

A chatbot can inform the aspirants about a new job opening. They can identify if a candidate fulfils the minimum requirements. Time and investments made in phone interviews can be saved.

Companies have started to implement AI testing bots in the form of games. Pymetrics is one such company that sells Neural science games. These games can later give an idea about the traits of the applicant.

Recruitment is faster with AI

Recruitment is faster with AI

Any job vacancy would have numerous job applications. It takes a lot of time and effort to filter them manually. A lot of candidates might not even be suitable for the job. If humans have to evaluate, it would leave them tired and overworked.

Application shortlisting is one of the major reasons why companies use AI tools. AI can filter thousands of applications in seconds.

AI tools used during the recruitment process can eliminate racial and gender discrimination. The tool would not consider any unwanted information. Name, age, gender, and other abstract information not considered.

The tool reflects the Maker

An AI screening tool is only as good as its maker. The type of data plays a major role in which the tool is trained. The tool is neutral to biasing. But on the other side, it can learn negative qualities. If the data with which it is trained includes racial remarks, the tool can adapt it.

Reports about an Amazon recruitment algorithm is popular. The algorithm began favouring male applicants over females. It is essential for these tools to follow AI transparency guidelines. If programmed and trained well, the tool can bring diversity in the workforce.

It is important that these tools be used only during the process of filtration. The employer should have the authority to make any final decisions about a candidate. This would ensure a fair and proper selection process. AI can predict things but we should not rely on AI completely.


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