Intel Unveils World’s First Ruler 32TB SSD

Intel has finally come up with a masterpiece today. It launched the world’s first ruler SSD which has a gigantic storage of 32TB. It is a breakthrough because none of the previous fast storage devices could hold this much of data in a small space. They used to get heated up and were not convenient for usage. Most of them required the support of cold temperature units for storage but the new Intel SSD is different. The Intel’s new SSD is only 12 inch and in the shape of a ruler.  The company has claimed that the new storage device needs only half the airflow required by traditional SSDs of the same size. With this advancement, many companies who require large and fast storage will be benefited. The management cost will be reduced drastically.

Intel DC P4500

The new ruler SSD called DC P4500 offers 32TB of storage. The new storage device is made so compact that it occupies only one-twentieth of the space a regular hard disk does of the same size. With such benefit, the company claims that 32 of these SSDs could be kept in a single server slot. When kept, the 32 SSDs will form a petabyte with very little space requirement. Further, the new tech is built on 3D NAND technology which stacks up memory cells on top of each other. Hence it forms a network of extremely thin layers and holds more memory. In Intel P4500, the memory cells are stacked in 64 layers on top of each other.

Space and less temperature requirement are one of the main reason that many top companies are preferring it. IBM, Microsoft and Tencent are some of the top companies which have opted to use the new Intel P4500 ruler SSD.


SSDs are developing faster in the field of memory storage. They offer faster storage and with much less space requirement they will be preferred to hard disk. Intel claims that the new P4500 ruler SSD will require only one-tenth of the power supply needed by the regular hard disks. Since many companies operate in the cloud, the new ruler SSD will be very much useful for them. They require a lot of storage space and with the ruler SSD they can compress them up and use it more efficiently. The new SSD is more efficient and faster than traditional hard disks hence it is preferred more by the big companies. For the normal users, the cost of 32TB ruler SSD might not suit since it is costly. But it will not be late in future where these SSDs will be available for everyone at a cheaper price.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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