Infinity Gloves Turning The Hand Into Gaming Controller

Gone are the times when you used a traditional controller for gaming. Infinity gloves- a new invention of the NUS trends in the market.

In the times of the modern era, technology has taken the gaming world to great heights.
The National University of Singapore has designed smart hand gloves which can turn your hand into a Gaming controller.

The different actions and movement of your finger and wrist can mean a range of actions in the game.

Infinity gloves allow control using simple hand gestures

Infinity gloves allow control using simple hand gestures

This is a great achievement by the researchers of NUS. Infinity Gloves also called smart gloves are designed with two goals, firstly to aid gaming and secondly to bring out a new way for Rehabilitation.

The infinity gloves are very easy to use and they mimic every motion of your hand and fingers. If you point out your finger, it will throw a weapon and if you move hand in the clockwise direction. It will mean to move the player in the forward direction.

The easy to wear infinity gloves will make it very convenient for the player to take control of the game as compared to gaming controllers.

Infinity gloves give players an edge over Controllers

Infinity gloves give players an edge over Controllers

Gaming controllers were the only thing in gaming control until the discovery of infinity gloves. Both techniques made use of hand control.

The controllers need to be handheld and a slippery grip may consume extra time to perform immediate movements.

Gloves have a tight grip of your hand and thus saves time thereby giving you an edge over other players. They are light in weight as 40 gms, do not feel heavy to hold and flexible for easy twists and turns.

Sensors make infinity gloves wireless product

Sensors make infinity gloves wireless product

For the complex functioning of the gloves just like a controller, some may feel it be densely wired but it is not.

The use of microfiber sensors in the material of the gloves removes the need for any external wiring and also maps the hand gestures and moves.

Each finger of the infinity gloves has sensors in the glove cloth. The combination of the five sensors of the five fingers can interact perfectly well with the game software.

The use of five sensors is to produce a 3D image of the hand in the game and stimulate its working. The game software takes the gestures and movements as electric signals and processes the command in a flick.


The infinity glove was developed within two years. The developers are also utilising the microfibers used in sensors in other applications and even selling it.

The infinity gloves are proving to be helpful for the patients who need to practice hand movements in Rehabilitation centres. The doctors are using it as an interesting way of making the patients do hand exercise and for the gamers, this is going to hit the market.

The infinity gloves are out in the market but are available at very few places, soon they will be covering the whole gaming shops.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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