Indian Government Approves DigiLocker

We have been moving towards a technology-rich world. But in India drivers are focused more on making the hard copy of their driving license and other vehicle-related documents for safety and verification purpose. This becomes quite annoying at times because carrying the documents is not entirely safe. People are expected to carry their original driving license while driving vehicles and it becomes risky if they lose it. Getting a driving license involves a lot of work procedure and also money. Also, it can be misused by someone which is a risk to the person’s life.

Many people have complained about the issue and it seems that the government is trying to find a workaround for it. Last year, the government made it mandatory for people to carry the original driving license to ensure the driver is real and has real identity proof. And finally, the government has found a way for it. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has asked the state government and police to accept the digital driving license. The digital driving license is issued in an app called DigiLocker. It is a government app which provides most of the registered documents and certificate like Driving License, School certificate, Aadhar card and the rest.

The MoRTH has issued a statement asking the states to accept the Digital Driving License certificate and treat it in the same way as that of a physical certificate.


DigiLocker made its debut in the year 2015 when it was not quite famous. But last year when Government of India recognized it as a legal app for showing digital certificates, it became quite famous. It was soon rejected by the states fearing the authenticity it was dropped. But now the Ministry has asked the state government to treat them as of the same level as the physical license.

With DigiLocker people can now have their documents and certificate within their mobile for easy and quick use. But this is a bit risky. For the safety, we have to log in using our username and password. For extra protection, an in-built PIN code is available for the users. With the app, the user can now keep all their documents which the government issues for them.

With the app, drivers are feeling a bit relaxed. The traffic police will now accept the digital driving license which the driver produces either through DigiLocker or mParivahan application. Apart from driving license, users can also have their RC book and insurance copy present in the application. It will also be considered as a legal document now. The insurance company will upload the insurance registered document onto the server. It will be made available in the DigiLocker application directly for the user.

There are some exceptions too. If the police want to verify the person, they need to produce the hard copy on demand. In case of any offence, the driver has to produce the hard copy for further reference. But, the new feature will help people a lot who can now be free from handling the papers.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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