How to shoot youtube vlogs like a pro

If you are thinking of making a career out of YouTube, then my friend you are in the right place. It doesn’t matter if you know or don’t know anything about YouTube, you may know the basics or you may not know anything, but if you want to learn how to be a pro in making videos keep reading till the end.

It’s just easy for anyone to start making YouTube videos with the perfect guide and planning, the basic thing here is that if want to survive in this huge world of YouTube you just need to stand out from the others. i.e your content needs to be unique and good so that anyone can relate.


You also have to understand your capability to do what you want to do, you might be good at giving reviews, making comedy videos or you might become a Vlogger it all depends upon your field of Interest.

The basic things required to make a YouTube video.
  • An idea
  • The content
  • A camera
  • A video editing app
  • And most important the passion to do that


There is various pre-production work that you need to do which does not include shooting video or acting, but the most important is writing a script, you may think that you can skip this part thinking that you can just remember everything in your mind.

But no making a script is the most basic and initial part of the process which will make you a great YouTuber. Scripts will help you analyze and optimize your work. A script will keep you on the track while shooting a video and it will save a lot of your time.

Plan and practice your script.

Just as how important writing the script is, planning a perfect script and practicing it is also of similar importance. After you are done with writing your speech, read it aloud and practice how you are going to perform. If you have your family members or friends with you just perform and read it aloud in front of them so that they can give you feedback.

If you don’t have anyone with you, you can also Practice it out in front of the mirror. While reading the script you will come to know about its length, if it doesn’t match the duration of the video you are going to make. You can shorten that now rather than waiting for the post-production time with extra minutes of your video.

Cutting your video or skipping certain takes due to duration may also hamper the quality of the video, so you always need to be careful while scripting the video. If you are planning to have some b-roll shots then you need to plan that during scripting and practice it so that you will not have any complications while inserting the b-roll or also during making a voice-over.

How important is the role of light?

You might have seen YouTubers always talking about the importance of light. And yes the light is one of the most important factors that enhances your video. Without good light, there is no good video.

Even a cheap camera with good lightening will be preferred by YouTubers rather than an expensive camera with bad or average lightening.

Lightning for indoor shoots.


For indoor shoots, lightning becomes a little complicated, although windows can be the best source of light you can use windows might not totally provide the light you want.

So if you want a perfect light I would refer you to buy a good quality light that goes well with your camera. (Use umbrella lights or ring light) Now you might be thinking why should you use artificial light when you have abundant of natural light.

No doubt that natural light is abundant, cheap and of high quality, However it is a limitation during indoor or night time shoots. Also natural light isn’t the most dependable. if you have overcast days or poor light in your studio/room your videos might suffer.

Lightning for outdoor shoots.

While you are outdoor shooting your videos lightning might not be so complicated but here are few tips.

  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Wear a sunglass if possible
  • Find a shady area
  • Shoot on an overcast day for even lightening.
  • Don’t let the light put too much strain on your eyes.

Pro tips

  • Set your white balance manually
  • Start at 5600(Daylight) at a base and then turn up (cooler) or down(warmer)
  • Make sure live view is on when you make these adjustments
  • Choose the LED light that lets you choose the color temperature.
  • If possible use multiple light sources.

Camera And Audio

When you are shooting a video it is an obvious thing that you need to have a good camera. Just as how important a camera is audio should be as good as the video or else the video loses its quality. There are a lot of fancy cameras with high-quality video recording capacity present in the market today.

So don’t rush before buying a camera and also don’t spend too much on your camera. An entry level DSLR or a mirrorless camera is a great option but you can also opt for smartphones, GoPro or a camcorder.

  • DSLR camera –

digital single lens reflex camera is in a boom today. If you are planning to buy one for your YouTube videos then you should keep in mind that it needs a higher level of skills and patience to operate effectively. If you aren’t well versed with using a DSLR go for cheaper alternatives.

  • Smartphone 

If you are opting a smartphone then you will be able to record high-quality videos with just a gesture of your fingers. Smartphones are easier to transport and very compatible if you are a vlogger a smartphone-specific tripod will be of great help to you.

The most drastic drawback of using a smartphone is that it doesn’t have an audio input you will either have to record the audio on a different device and synchronize it or you have to adjust for the camera audio.

  • Camcorder-

A camcorder is the perfect blend of a smartphones compatibility and a DSLRs Hugh quality. The only thing you will require is a high storage memory card.

Although camera quality plays an important role in making a video, most of the time quality of the video is dependent upon its audio quality. A video with high picture quality but lack of good audio will totally ruin the video.

The inbuilt audio that comes along with the camera is never good enough for the picture quality it gives, therefore, it is always advised to use an external mic. The external Mic helps in noise cancellation. If you use the camera mic then it will decrease all the background noises which the normal camera mic cannot do.

Pro tips –

  • Buy a camera which has a flip out LCD
  • Start shooting in 4k, so that your videos will survive till future.
  • A cheap secondary camera can be used for an alternative view.
  • For the smartphone, videography uses filmic pro, a video app that lets you adjust a wide range of parameters.

Action –

So after you get ready with all your scripts and camera and audio and everything now you just need to do the action and start shooting. For shooting you should always keep a glance at your background, your background will tell your story and if your background contrasts with your content then it won’t be looking good.

So it is always advised to set up a background which goes hand in hand with your content and also keep in mind about the light while choosing your background. You can also give a little bit of accent to yourself but you need to be sure of what impact it will have on your audience.

How important are the camera angle and camera adjustments?


You might have seen in movies where we get to see unbelievable actions and scenes. This all is nothing but mere adjustments of the cameras, making us see the virtual thing.
So adjusting a camera is very important.

The camera angle from two points can show totally different stories and what you want to show totally depends upon you. You can cut the part of the background you don’t want by cropping the video, changing the angle or moving the camera slightly.

  • While shooting outside watch out for direct sunlight in the background, which could lead to distracting overexposed areas.
  • During indoor shots, avoid crowded backgrounds.


  • Always use a good tripod
  • Camera straps help the camera to keep steady
  • Try your best to keep the camera level


The post-production includes editing the video and uploading it. So the most important part of making YouTube video comes at this point and that us editing. Editing a video well makes the video well.

You should always be careful about where to put the b-roll where to cut and where to put some background music.

And most importantly you should know how to do it.

If you are new to the world of editing don’t go directly for some expensive software. Instead, use the free version after any editing app. DaVinci resolves a professional editing software has an excellent free version. And if you already have an Adobe Creative club membership, then don’t forget you have access to premier pro. There is also software’s which are very handy to use and are for free.


If you are a vlogger or going to shoot vlogs then it requires very less editing capabilities. So Adobe Creative club would be best for you, you can also use filmora, which is a great video editing app.

Whatever application you end up using for editing your videos. The only piece of advice I can give you is to learn all the hotkeys. It is always better not to use the mouse again and again. As it will consume a lot of your time and using the hotkeys will save you a mammoth of time.

For editing, the advice would keep it as simple as you can. Simple doesn’t mean that you make it boring. You just don’t need to put too much of special effects or else it will ruin the content of your video.

Always be happy to cut your videos, the shorter the video is, the better it is.


Never hesitate to upload the video you have created. If you are really unsecured about it then you can ask your friends and family to give their honest reviews. Sometimes the best way to learn something is getting an experience of the thing.

For instance, if want to learn swimming it is sometimes better to just dive in and try. Similarly, if you want to know about YouTube just upload a video and analyze the public response.


So if we analyze we get to know that making YouTube videos is not that hard, but everything totally depends upon your content. It doesn’t matter how good of an editor you are or how good your camera is all that matters is the content. To start a career in YouTube you should first analyze and forecast the demand for your content so that at you can prosper in that in your future. You can always watch some videos of already established YouTubers and take all the inspiration you want from them.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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