How Steve Jobs turned setbacks into success

Your present situation doesn’t need to be for life long, it will change, and only you can change. We can understand this very well and especially for those who gave up on life early.

Steve Jobs, it will be his insult if I give introduction of him. Who doesn’t know him? Even a Kindergarten student will know him—the man who changed technology and brought disaster in the world with advanced technology products. Apple, Apple’s iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac for those whole worlds is mad, and many have a dream to buy them. The man who created Apple and made it a worldwide reputed technology company. He gave demanded tech products. The technology a person can not think, he made that real.

The product by home brought a change in the world. iPhone becomes a massive success because of the facilities and security. iPod made a great disaster in the music industry and loved by music lovers a lot. And many other products by his company made huge success to him and gave Everything for himself. Life can change at any moment, but you have to keep yourself distracted from the aim.

What do you think that all was this easy as you read it easily. Before making fun of a tasty dish, we have to cook it properly and add flavors. We have to keep patience till that cook. Same in life; what you want is not a cooked material that you can take easily. You have to work for it after a great struggle, you can taste success. You have planned it is not a perfect map; there would be so many stones you have to play with them.

The great success of Apple and Steve Jobs is not a ready made thing. I had taken several years, with many failures, rejection, and embarrassing movements. But Jobs never gave up. He tried his best and got his fruitful result. Steve had worked for many years, and patience is the key to the results in life. He also had ups and down,

In 1985 Steve had fired from the company; he sold all his shares 11 percent Apple bar on Solitary shares. You can understand in what situation he took that step. It would be so hard for him. The man knows he was a genius, created Macintosh. Despite its weakness, the outstanding product leaps forward in Silicon  Valley. That made him out of Apple. The company which will come to him again, he listed that and thought he would never find his Apple back to him. But it’s not the final destiny.

He takes himself for NeXT. And product by his NeXT sold only to colleges and universities mostly.Next was a hike for spectacular products. He insisted that the Computer should be a perfect cube and payed $100,000 for a logo. He had built a futuristic factory that seemed unbelievable interior. For that, He had spent $100,000 for his factory’s imaginable interior. He always wanted to make his all dream true. His head office had all his imaginative designs and a stunning floating staircase. Which can blows minds so high.

Two years later, in 1989, his product comes into the market. It had an oxford dictionary and all the works of Shakespeare. The Computer had an Optical read and write disk but did not give a backup function. The Computer had a high capacity optical disk, but the working is not so matchable. As he had promised to the academic market, the Computer would not be expensive, and the cost would be between $ 2000 and $ 3000. But he surprised everyone at that time. The Computer came out with the rate of $ 16500, not only that if you want the printer, then the charge would be $ 2000 and for more functionality external hard disk of $ 2500.

As he expected that  1000 number of computes would be sold out in a month. But the game changed and only 400 computers sold in a month. It can be said that his NeXT was most expensive with less commercial, a flop. It had also played a role in distracting him from Apple but helped him live in the digital technology. He learned himself to be a respected player, to have a valuable product to create a viable business. That gave him to pave to the Apple, even worst than NeXt. That was not the end of his failure.

After leaving Apple, he became an investor in Pixar and developed the main product as Pixar Image Computer, which had sold for $ 125000. It was mainly for digital animators and graphic designers. And help to bring Disney as his valuable customer. Pixar was the best to create animated movies. He was still in NeXT and supported Pixar with his creative ideas and supervision. In 1991, Pixar was impressive but could not be sold enough because of its expensive rate, and that made him to sunk with $ 50 million into Pixar.

The first animated film, ‘Tin Toy‘ by John Lasseter, was made with Pixar’s help. A short movie which had a boy named Tinny and the boy who plays with them. And that was brilliant work, and the ‘Tin Toy’ won Oscar. After that successful movie, Lasseter and Jobs become friends cum partner. Lasseter becomes a valuable person for him, and both of them started to bring change in the animation world with their creative minds.

In 1991, Michael, who was the boss of Disney and head of Disney, Katzenberg tried to get Lasseter back with them but not succeeded. After a vigorous talk, a deal had confirmed with Pixar 3- D animation technology. Disney would own the first movie, with its characters in it. And that Toy story make a massive blast in the animation field and become a valuable franchise. That movie was loved by people very much and doubled the share on Jobs’ first day of trading. That gives him worth $ 1.2 billion. That was a changing point in his life.

Nearby 1995, NeXT was still anecdotal Jobs computer, persuaded Apple to buy his company NeXt as the price of his reinvolvement with Apple. 1997 was the time when Apple started bankruptcy; Board begged Jobs to take that all. He understood that Apple needs him as much as he needs Apple. That brought him to dive into Apple. That was a point when the whole world was ready to get new and incomparable technology.

Apple had given beautiful designed and unbeatable tech products. He took Apple as a personal failure that pushed him to work and grow it as a worldwide recognizable brand. Today we have the result of his hardship and patience. The tech products none can imagine developed them and made an unerasable impact all over the world.

Life Lessons From Steve Jobs


Life can bring many changes timely that what we can learn from the life of Steve Jobs. Everyone should have patience first to get results and should work hard continuously. Steve Jobs has many qualities, and his life teaches many lessons an entrepreneur must learn.

  • Be a risk-taker, Leaving Apple, started NeXT and then Pixar. Jobs has taken risks after his failure. It States how a person can challenge failure and himself to grow and made himself. If you are not ready to take challenges that come your way, it will not be easy to have an unparalleled result. It would help if you dared to do what others can’t.
  • Leadership is a must to run a business, and It is an essential thing every entrepreneur or person in the industry should have to run its work. Leadership is not only to behave like a leader and to lead. It should have the way to take all your partners together, to appreciate employees. As the same Jobs did, he brought a change in the style of his leadership. That helps him to revolutionize his company.
  • Take failure as an opportunity; Everything brings a new chance and help to change a life. It can be possible that your life is showing the right way to you. Steve had failed for Apple and after that in the NeXT, but still, he keeps doing and take failure as an opportunity to do something unique and made Pixar that becomes the changing point. You must have like this and grab the option early.
  • Be positive in anyhow; when he listed Apple and what life looks like, he would not get Apple back anyway. He started his NeXT with new positivity. He didn’t get the best result but still believed in positivism to have something great in life. Your current situation is not your last situation, so live positive and inspired.
  • Setbacks give feedback, and your past makes you stronger, you get the chance to gain new experience and life bring triumph. From Steve’s life and struggle, you can understand that life can become worse than ever before, but it inspires you to go ahead without any stop. It makes you experienced and gives you a chance to learn more.
  • Achieve to the world matters what you achieve, but great thing happens when you reach something. Jobs has changed the technology world and gave stunning and incomparable products to this universe. His hardship was not only for himself but also for the whole world, why he got such a vast image worldwide.
  • After a disaster, keep going. Your failure never says to stop and make a full stop to your life’s article. Whether you got a disastrous loss still, you must keep going. There is no point in waiting and sit. There is no means of thinking about why it happened. The matter should care about the concentration on the aim, what you want in real just focus on that and run on the same path.
  • Reframe the disaster; it is not the right choice to leave your aim or follow a different path. Take challenges, why you started, and do you allow to go everything waste in a while. No, you have to get up and reframe that failure again in a better way with your new experience and learnings. Morning still has to come. You have to be like paint, which can balance worst painting also.

Steve was an adopted child left by his birth parents due to a lack of income and could not take responsibility for the child. Who could imagine that child can change the tech world. His father helped him gain experience in technology, and at a little age, he started to try tech things. In his school, he was not so good but has invested in technology since then.

He was not so rich to have a big area for his company. Steve started his journey with his friend and failed many times, struggled alone and the risk of lost Apple forever; he didn’t give up and worked hard to get such great results.

Steve Jobs had started his Apple journey with a  garage and knows that it will come with a big bang in front of the world. His mind changed the world with technology. Like all great people, his life was not comfortable, and the name and fame he got were not like a cheap cup of tea. He worked hard, and he had faced many worst situations where a person could have thought of giving up. But he had decided to change the world and bring a new tech era.

He is not with us today but still living in the heart of people. His technology products are incompatible with any other. His hardship worked for the whole world.

Wrapping It Up

That’s all, from the life of Jobs, and if you want to do great in life, you must have a clear and unchangeable vision for life. Steve had believed in himself that he is a genius and proved that to the world. Believe in yourself is an excellent weapon for any trouble and failure. If you have believed that you can do that means you can, and nobody can be a barrier in your way. Make yourself unstoppable, and none can make you down in anyhow. You must do that you decided, show the power to the world, make it happen.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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