HMD and Nokia Working On Cheaper 5G Phones. Will Launch in 2020

HMD seems to revolutionize Nokia on better grounds. For the good of the popular smartphone. While other brands are switching to 5G already. It’s time for HMD too. 5G phones aren’t coming that well until 2020. But to that, it will only be implemented in flagships at higher prices. Unlike that, a newer cheaper 5G Nokia Phone will release in 2020 from HMD. As the brand is trying to bring low tier budget phones into the 5G segment.

A cheaper 5G Nokia Phone will release


5G is overrated. Seriously, a speed of over 2 Gigabytes per second is too much of speed. But you got to walk with the trend, no matter what it is. This is what made Nokia learn in the coming years.

While now it has to, a cheaper phone will do justice to the users. This is what Juho Sarvikas, chief product officer at HMD said to a blog.

As $1000 phones are no body’s juice. $400-$600 remains still prominent. Bringing 5G to the budget tier might prove a sale boost for Nokia. Since, Nokia Phones are actual Google Phones, without Google branding.

How much cheaper 5G Nokia Phone will release?


HMD meant cheaper, so that’s cheaper. Not like Samsung or Apple or even Sony. Cheaper gets over $1000. But as recent Nokia phones get to the price, the range stays below $500 strict.

Nokia 8.1 still rocks at $290 with astounding camera performance, but no 5G.

Also read, Nokia-maker HMD Global wishes to make components in India.

So prices will go up for 5G phone onwards? Yep. But how much cheaper 5G Nokia Phone will be? HMD did not release the price tag yet. But approximately, it can be kept at $600 max.

More preferably, Sarvikas told the new phone will be half the price of current 5G smartphones. Half here exactly means, half of $1000 and above. Not around $600-$600.

Cheaper 5G phone is more acceptable


As mentioned before, 5G phones will get to a good price. As the technology intended inside the chipsets is no joke. A staggering 2000 Megabytes per second and above wireless speed.

Forget Network, this is 6 times faster than a typical quality Solid State Drive of over 300 MB/s.

Also, 5G enabled devices will come with a new set of chipsets. Those are already in development by vendors, with sophisticated efficient NIC chips. If HMD brought a cheaper 5G Nokia Phone, it will probably sell out well.

But a $500 5G phone from Nokia, won’t set others good. As if it happens, Xiaomi and Huawei might release their budget 5G phones too.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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