WHO Officially: “Gaming Disorder” is an illness. Experts says Not So Fast

Gaming Disorder? To everyone who is hearing this term will think it is a made up term. Everyone thinks that this term is used by parents who are angry with their children playing games all day long or others. But, it might not be true now. Recently, World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized the term and granted it validity. It has included the disorder in its latest edition of Internal Classification of Diseases. The disorder is based on three notes which are provided by WHO –

  • First is, Increased priority to gaming than any other life activities or interest.
  • The second one is Impaired control over gaming. The person is so addicted to gaming that he continues to play even in the worse conditions. They do not have control over themselves for stopping the game.
  • The final reason is, Playing games even when there is a negative situation or consequence on the body. It includes activities which affect the body, sleeping schedule, diet problems and lack of physical activity.

Gaming – A Disorder?

Most of the boys and including girls are addicted towards gaming. Many of them prefer sitting in their homes playing games over the weekend rather than going out. The disorder is being criticized by many medical professionals. They say that the disorder is being broad and subjective. The impact differs from people to people about their addiction to gaming. It might not be true that a person is playing games for hours has the disorder. It depends on the person and their take on it and hence cannot be qualified as a disorder. The effects of this disorder are rather similar to another disorder recognized by WHO – Gambling Disorder.

WHO Statement

WHO says that “Disorders are recognized by addictive behaviors and are significant syndromes. It affects the person and develops a repetition of such behavior and affects the person as a whole. These disorders affect the person’s behavior both offline and online”.

However, WHO may not be totally wrong about this. The condition appears to be everywhere in the world as people are addicted towards gaming. WHO said that the people with such disorder will be quite low but it is a prevailing issue. Dr. Vladimir Poznyak says that “There are millions of gamers around the world. Some are intense and play games for hours together. But, they cannot be classified under this disorder. It is normal for many but sometimes, it affects the person mentally and physically. In that manner, the person is under the new Gaming Disorder. We are not creating a precedent here. WHO is just following the trends and development created in the professional field”.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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