Fox Official Twitter Account Hacked By Hackers For Spreading Cryptocurrency Scams

Cryptocurrency is the buzzing topic for this year and hackers are finding every possible way to scam people. Many news has been coming out regarding crypto scams where users money were robbed and there are no traces of it. Recently, hackers hacked the Fox’s official Twitter account and start spreading false news. There were tweets regarding fake giveaway by the hackers in order to hack the people’s account and scam them. The account has been focusing about TRON crypto and has been tweeting about them from 21st of July. The verified Almost Human profile was hacked which is one of the FOX’s twitter account.

The Hack

The hacked profile posted about a partnership with TRON and Alibaba group. With the fake news posted, scammers re-tweet them in order to lure people into such giveaways. Since the tweet has been made by the official account, it is relatively easier to make people in the scam. However, for now, there has been no reported scam happened just yet. But, it will not take much time for the scam to start happening if Fox or Twitter do not stop this.

And as said, this is not the first time such a scam is happening on the Twitter platform. Hackers have been targetting the platform for a long time now. Many verified accounts were hacked previously and been reported for scams in the crypto field.

There was a bug in Twitter which was particularly used by hackers to scam people. Even though Twitter did not allow the verified users to change their username, they can very well change their display name without losing the verified identity. Hence, the hackers used the bug in a smart way to scam people in cryptocurrencies.


Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Etherum has already made an appeal to Twitter regarding such scams. Twitter has been the centre for many cryptocurrency scam attacks over time. Even after several reports from various people, Twitter has not been taking the issue seriously. Twitter is the hub of news and other stuff for people and automatically it becomes a reliable platform for scamming people by getting into the high rated profiles. Overtime hackers have become more powerful and are posting such scams to lure people into the trap easily. Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, Tesla Motors and The Boring Company was also affected by the scam. Two weeks ago, Elon Musk came forward and reported the cryptocurrency scams which are happening on the platform and is spreading at a high rate.

With so many people coming forward on the issue, Twitter has to do something about it. Cryptocurrency has got the interest of people over time and it becomes extremely important for the company to maintain their social network properly. Hackers hack into the verified accounts and easily spread the false news. Since the tweets are being made from verified accounts, it will be so easy for them to scam the people. Hence, Twitter should come forward with good plans and safety against such scams.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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