Elon Musk Built Shanghai Gigafactory In Less Than 6 Months

The assembly of Chinese made Tesla Model 3 will kickstart in Tesla’s new Shanghai Gigafactory. This is his ambitious project and he will leave no stones unturned to launch the product for customers before the deadline.

This year was a rough one for Elon Musk because he faced problems with the U.S. Securities, that Twitter issue, British cave diver. But things are smooth in Shanghai. The first transmission line for Gigafactory is now open to transmit power.

Shanghai Gigafactory in less than 6 months

Shanghai Gigafactory in less than 6 months

Would you believe this? It took just 6 months from permit to lighting the plant with power. Actually, this is fast but Musk did this with ease. Tesla will produce a minimum of 1,000 cars a week in their new Shanghai Plant. Now vehicles for trial purpose is being made in Shanghai.

Tesla’s second-largest market is China and that’s why Musk built a plant in Shanghai. Followed by China, Tesla has a huge market in Norway and the Netherlands. The rise of electric cars in China is a big plus for Musk’s plan. Thanks to gasoline-powered cars that are expensive than electric cars.

People are interested in Electric Cars

In China, the sale of Hybrid and battery-powered vehicles reached 1.2 million in 2018. That’s more than half of the electric cars sold in 2018 worldwide.

People are interested in Electric Cars

This Chinese factory will help Tesla by reducing freight expenses and completely get rid of the import duty. There are so many low-cost vehicle manufacturers in China. BAIC Motor, BYD, etc. they offer stiff competition for Tesla. The Tesla product will be sold at 328,000 yuan ($46,000). On the other hand, local players sell their electric vehicles at 200,000 yuan.

The Tesla Model 3 will be the first car to be manufactured in China by a foreign company. This is a rare case and Elon Musk is making a statement by manufacturing electric vehicles in China.


In August, Musk met Chinese Billionaire Jack Ma in an Artificial Intelligence event. He also met some government officials in that event. Tesla will enjoy the 10% sales tax exemption which only Chinese companies avail.

Musk has Beijing’s support and it is clearly evident with the Shanghai factory. It’s not an easy thing to acquire land in China and get loans from state-owned banks for funding the project. It seems getting Chinese government approval is like a cakewalk for Elon Musk.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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