Dropbox And Snapchat Are Back On Earning Ways And Magic Leap Is Coming!

InfoX: In the recently concluded Equity which is hosted by TechCrunch, many details flew in about the top companies. Equity is basically a capital focused podcast where the insides of the companies are discussed and brought out.


Slack has been growing in tremendously. Slack is a platform wherein people can form teams, split work and coordinate with each other. It is best suited when the team members are geographically separated. Recently, Slack has been seeing a lot of growth in its users and that has reflected in its wealth. They got $400 million recently and are valued at $7 billion. Slack was backed by SoftBank’s Vision Fund and came into limelight. It has secured a large user base and is trying to build on it.

Dropbox and Snapchat

Dropbox and Snapchat the two famous and top companies were on a decline in the last few days. They are trying out new methods but are losing to their competitors. Snapchats new update took away its user base by a large extent. Instagram tried to make use of the opportunity and launched different features to attract those users. Dropbox has its bitter rival Google Drive. But, in the recent days both the companies reported earnings. Both of the companies have started to come up again. Snapchat brought the stories back into the right swipe on user’s request. But, after the reported earnings both the companies saw a decline in their revenue. Snapchat lost value due to a DAU decline.

Magic Leap

magic leap
magic leap

Magic Leap – the most awaited brand launch in the headsets finally arrived. But, it was rather disappointing with the headsets being pricey. The user did not expect such headsets but they did not fail at it completely. In the next launch, the company can certainly mark their stand in the industry. We have to wait until they come out with better options and less pricey models. The headset is a new idea which the people liked but what came out was not expected.


Equity covered news around the globe with the new launches and top tech companies. It gave insights about the top companies facing loss again and again and also covered the new launches in this month. They have partnered with China to know more about their companies.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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