Digital Revolution as a Climate Crisis Handler

If people from 1950’s time travel to today’s world, they’ll massively fail to recognize it. Artificial Intelligence has dominated every field. Now AI will be our climate crisis handler.

From law to medicine, everything can be done by AI. Virtual Spaces have brought the world together to chat, connect and share.

This year has made very clear that technology can change societal and economic conditions, but can it help us on environmental sustainability?

Will digital tech be able to help everyone and provide a good living with increasing fuel emission and environmental degradation?

A lot of questions are lying around, and luckily we have the option of being positive. Digi tech can make energy and resources more efficiently used. But how will it? This question lies in everyone’s minds definitely.

AI and ML Analysation

AI and ML Analysation

Analysing through the human process is taking a lot of time, and by the time research gets completed another problem arrives.

There is a lot of loads and the results aren’t effective. Thus to reduce both time and load, analysing with the help of AI and ML can take place.

With the help of this, farmers will be able to analyze the optimum amount of water a particular crop needs, car usage can be tracked more efficiently. Also, people can shift into one electric car and increase efficiency.

Climate crisis handler: Digital monitoring

Digital monitoring

Scientists monitor each and every movement in forests, glaciers, reefs, etc. in order to understand what is going on.

With Machine learning, monitoring will move quicker and also AI can benefit by checking onto each issue in a shorter span of time.

Protecting and restoring the environment can become easier with digital monitoring. By this, government and private companies can be held accountable for their public oath and social cooperation to protect the world.

Nothing possible without world cooperation

Nothing possible without world cooperation

Even though all these options are present, yet nothing is going to be possible without the cooperation and coordination of each country.

So far no effort is taken to utilize these systems in order to make a green environment. The powerful tools are so far not used to make a sustainable atmosphere.

No one could agree more that AI can replace a lot of qualified workforce in order to fix the issue. The issue of unemployment comes to mind, but at the same time, these systems too require people to work at.

Also, with certain policies environment beneficiary and enjoyment of people with smart work can happen at the same time.

The contribution of World Leaders

The contribution of World Leaders

Most governments lack the expertise of AI, ML and Virtual reality; but can this be the reason? No. World Leaders need to be strict in their administration and use AI and ML for the environment as people can’t do much.

They need to move from a paper-based bureaucracy and come to the e-world. It is hard to adapt to the new realities, but if not now, the time of doubting the privacy will arrive soon.

They need to increase investments in digital infrastructure in order to make the future sustainable. Everyone should be on the good side of the digital work and happy with what they have.

This adds up to the broadband investments for the people of the nations and also education advancements for digital engineers.


Advancements in cognitive science development open new doors for a completely new society.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, when combined together, can increase new possibilities of environment sustainability.

Whether people appreciate or not, everything with support from the digital era lies in our favour only. It’s in the interest of mother nature and its people.

These systems will help us reach the path of sustainability faster, better and easier if we move in the right direction.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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