Coding, Hacking, Vlogging – How Tech is Changing Your Everyday Language

As we all are human beings, we need to be social with others somewhere and somehow so we need some medium to interact with others. Being a social being we even can’t think of how tech is changing your everyday language. It not only changes our language it also changes our way of living. For the interaction, we need to have some words to talk, and to converse with others we need to have a medium to interact. So here we are going to discuss the technology that is changing our day-to-day life as well as our daily lifestyle. We need to have some unique words to greet the people whom we meet in our daily life.  First of all, let’s talk about some technologies.


Coding, hacking, vlogging-how tech is changing your everyday language

The telephone is invented by Alexander Graham Bell. The phone is the source of the medium through which we interact with others through wires. These wires are connected to one other and it is the oldest medium to interact with others. The first word we say “hello” to each other when we pick the phone up. And this word “hello” gets into the universal lexicon. Now as we have a medium to interact with each other over the phone then we can’t imagine our life without any technology. Till when there was no technology or no means was available the life was going on smoothly. But as of now the technology has changed and brought something in our life to interact with others then we can’t go behind.


After the graham bells invention there emerge the internet and an iPod which other generations can put it in their pocket. Through the internet, we can capture the whole world and easily can put it in our pocket. The World Wide Web has proved to put it in our pocket and has also fulfilled the dreams of the upcoming generations. Through the web, we get any type of information and about the changes in technology very fast within no time. However, the iPod doesn’t get that much space as of phone in the world so it gets disappeared from the world and then comes the mobile phones. And yes it is the real technology that has really changed our daily lifestyle and way of speaking as well.

Mobile phones- a real technology or a boon for the universe

Coding, hacking, vlogging-how tech is changing your everyday language

Mobile phones and an internet connection, without these two words our life is incomplete. Or I must say life does not exist without these two words. Because this is the real-life hero, that changes our way of living and has proved that social beings really need technology to meet with friends or relatives. And this has made it possible with the technology. Where we can meet, talk, fight, love, or argue with them and finally patch up and hang out.

Through social media, we can share our thoughts with each other and can also get their feedback on that. As we all know, we have many social sites available where we just have to register ourselves and can start work on it. We can ask people to share their feelings, thoughts, and beliefs through email or through chat over many social media means.

Social media is made possible with technology and this has become our food for life. Because if a day or other we could not get connected to any social media means then we look for the alternative but we want to access it at any cost. We get craving from inside to check our mobile phones or social media accounts to get connected with the people.

Online classes

As during this corona pandemic, we have come very closer to technology. That has made it very prominent for each and every user to use the technology to make their child attend the classes online. This has made possible only through the technology that we have at present. Moreover, we can say technology has really changed the world that we have seen so far and now at present.


As far as we have seen the benefits of this technology. However, tech is changing your everyday language, changes our way of living and lifestyle. Let’s also see its dark side. As it gives us many reasons to connect with the people at a reasonable cost, sitting at home and easy to use. And it is also versatile and compatible. But somehow it’s like a devil that tries to catch its prey very quickly. The technology is changing daily almost. So the gadgets also come daily in the market and attracted the customers towards it.

So the youth generation is getting attracted towards it and getting rid of their friends and family who are sitting just near to them. However, they get busy themselves with the technology or gadgets they have with them at present. Lastly, they don’t even bother what actually is happening near to them however making them busy in their technologies so far.


As we have seen how tech is changing your everyday language and changes our way of living so far. We cannot deny this that this is really a boon for us all. Because it has provided us many gadgets that we can have easily with us to be in the connection with others. And to get aware of the happenings and mishappenings in the world. It is through technology that by sitting at home we can learn many new things in just a few hours or days easily and conveniently. We also get to connect with those whom we left so far behind.  Last but not the least, the technology which we are using or we are going to face ahead. If we use it in the proper way. Then it will really be a power for us all and no one can defeat one another.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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