CBSE to introduce Artificial Intelligence, Yoga as new subjects.

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is all set to introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI) as an optional sixth subject and Early childhood care and education (ECCE) and Yoga as elective subjects from class VIII in the schools from the next academic year. “The decision was taken considering the demand of schools supplemented by various reports that projected the huge requirement of yoga professionals and early childhood educators,” the official said.

As per norms, a skill subject, at the secondary level, will be offered as an additional sixth subject along with the existing five compulsory subjects.

If any student fails in any one of the three elective subjects (i.e. science, mathematics, and social science), then it will be replaced by the skill subject (offered as a 6th subject) and the result of Class X will be computed based on best five subjects

In a letter written to all the heads of CBSE affiliated schools, the Board said that it is introducing AI as part of making the future generations well-versed in technology.
Introduction of yoga will be of great benefit to the students and along with it the introduction of AI will be of great benefit for the future of the students. With the increase in unemployment and lack of skill in the students and today’s engineers, AI will greatly enhance the education system of India.


Referring to a report, the Board said India’s own strategy identified AI as an opportunity and solution provider for inclusive economic growth and social development. At the present time, India is going through a stage of knowledge-based education, although this type of education is of great importance it does not come into effect in many of the fields of work. Introduction of AI will introduce skill-based education which will greatly help the students in their future course.

Further, the value of project related work is intended to “effectively harness the potential of AI in a sustainable manner” and to make India’s next generation to be ‘AI ready.’ AI in the past few years has gained geo-strategic importance and a large number of countries are striving to stay ahead with their policy initiatives to get their country ready. thus the introduction of AI will make the youth of the country future ready and it will be a great lead in the country’s economic development in the future.

Accordingly, AI would be introduced “as an optional 6th subject at Class IX from the session 2019-2020 onwards. This was to enhance the multidisciplinary approach in teaching learning and also to sensitize the new generation.

However, the CBSE said that schools may start AI “Inspire module” of 12 hours at Class VIII itself. The new course will be made available for students in 6,543 CBSE schools across the country.


Giving reasons for the introduction of the new course as the option for the students the board pointed out that AI is being widely recognized to be the power that will fuel the future global digital economy.

There’s no doubt that AI will immensely be off great benefit to the students and keeping in mind the progress that the world is doing today with the help of AI, and also keeping in mind the benefits of yoga we can say that CBSE had taken a great decision to make the students of India future ready.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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