Bill Gates Made 15 Predictions in 1999 Which Came True Today

We can call Bill Gates with many names like billionaire philanthropist, well-known tech pioneer, and Reddit darling. But, the Microsoft founder has contributed a lot to the modern technology.

He made a series of predictions about 20 years ago. Those predictions are now nearly correct. You can call him a time traveler, or he is just very smart. So, is he a time traveler or smart? In 1999, he mentioned these predictions in his book, ‘Business @ The Speed of Thought’.

You can find a lot of information in the book which is useless now. But, it contains everything about Bill Gate’s view for the future.

Bill Gates Made 15 Predictions in 1999 Which Came True Today

Here are all the predictions he made

1. He predicted about the development of automated price comparison services that will allow people to view prices across different websites.

In 1999, these services were not possible. But today, many apps and sites are available that allow comparison of prices from grocery to flights.

2. He believed that in the future, people will have small and mobile devices to communicate constantly and do electronic business from anywhere.

Earlier, these things were thought of as an idiotic idea. But today, this prediction has become totally true.

3. Internet will allow people paying their bills, managing finances, and communicating with doctors online.

Today majority of people pay their bills online. WebMD services allow patients to have an online chat with their doctors.

4. He predicted about the development of digital assistant. It will sync and connect all the devices in a smart way wherever it is.

It took very long for the development of such technology. But, today we have Alexa, Google Home, etc.

5. You will be able to watch your house constantly when you are away from it with constant video feeds.

Wi-Fi connectivity and dirt-cheap digital cameras made it possible to have constant security feeds of home.

6. Platforms will be available where you and your friends and family can interact easily.

Today, there are many social media websites where you can connect easily with your friends and family.

7. Development of software that suggests you activities available nearby by obtaining your trip information.

Google is omnipresent! And sometimes, it seems very creepy. Almost everything we do today is stored by many online services.

8. Services that will allow you to interact with people watching common sports or competitions will be developed.

Twitter is always on heat! People here discuss almost every topic.

9. Development of devices having smart advertising. They will be aware of your shopping trends.

Google comes here too. Whenever you watch any product or services online, you will have ads of them in your browser.

10. TV shows will direct you to the links or websites that are relevant to what you are watching.

Today, many TV shows and events direct their viewers to social media for different contests.

11. People will be able to discuss common local problems of their cities or countries on the internet.

Government websites are available where people can email their issues rather than visiting. Also, many groups are available on social media for this.

12. Online communities will be built according to interests, rather than location.

Almost every community has become global because people from around the world are able to connect and communicate communities with the internet.

14. People will be able to find employment opportunities online according to their interests, choice, and skills.

Today, applying for any normal job involves the process of online applications through email.

15. Companies will be able to offer jobs separately for different tasks.

Companies today hire different contractors for specific jobs, rather than hiring one contractor for full-time.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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