Arrow Of Time Doesn’t Apply To Quantum Computers – Researchers

The team of scientists and researchers are always trying to prove the age-old theories wrong or irrelevant. Recently, a team of scientists has done so in the field of quantum computers. They indicated that the classical time does not apply to quantum computers and proved it. The researchers are further trying to improve the computer problems due to classical time theory called the causal asymmetry. To explain this in simple terms, if a video is being played the computer understands it very well. But, if the video is being played in reverse, the computer cannot understand it. This is why time is one of the biggest limitations in the field of computation. But, the new theory might end it all now.

Explanation Of Arrow Of Time

Previously, most of the scientists used to believe time as a one-way street called arrow of time. It states that the nature of time cannot be reversed and if it happens will cause a lot of problem in entropy. But, quantum physics is different from this. It does not follow the principle of classical time.

To explain this in more detail, let us take some examples. Suppose you are a professional cricket player who is fielding at the boundary. If a batsman hits the ball, the fielder can easily identify where the ball is going to land and adjust himself for the catching position. But, suppose if a blaster full of glitters is used. Predicting the position where there will be maximum amount will be nearly impossible.

The computers can be easily used to predict the straight line and arcs prediction in the forward motion. But predicting them in backward motion is impossible for classical computers since they follow classical time theory. Hence, the team of researchers tried their hands on the quantum computers. They used the quantum computers to find out if they will handle the classical time theory differently.

Testing Of The Theory

The team of researchers used a classical and quantum computer to test their theory. Physics predictions test were run on both the computers separately. When done so, both the computers were nearly the same in the forward direction. But when reverse flow was tested, the output was different on them. The classical computer did not provide the same results as in the forward motion. But, the quantum computers were far more efficient than them. They provided nearly the same results regardless of the flow. Hence from this, the team of scientist proved the array of time theory to be wrong in the case of quantum computers.

Jayne Thompson, one of the members of the team of researchers said that “We were able to find out the connection with the theory of arrow of time. The casual asymmetry can be applied only on the classical models and not on the quantum models. Hence the definition of the theory changes when it is mentioned in quantum models. The definition of time might not hold the same meaning as we have followed it to be”.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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