Asus ROG Smartphone: Android’s Most Powerful Gaming Smartphone

Surprisingly, Asus has decided to come up with a Gaming smartphone to capture the market. Many companies have tried to come up with their gaming models but were never successful. Nokia, one of the leaders earlier made a similar effort but failed miserably. The likes of Xiaomi, Nubia, Razer also tried their hands on the gaming phones but failed. As history shows, Gaming phone market is little risky but it has a scope.

When the users were asked about the failure of such gaming mobiles two reasons was very clear. First, the graphics were not up to the level of PlayStations or others because the developers were limited to the processing power. The smartphones are pocket computers hence has a lower processing power and get heated up rather quickly. In spite of all the problems, there is a scope for Gaming Smartphones market and Asus are trying their hands on it.

Asus ROG – Gaming Smartphone

At the Computex 2018, Asus came up with ROG phone primarily aimed for Gaming. Although the main aim is for gaming, the smartphone is known to be the most powerful phone to come into the market. The processor is extraordinary clocking 2.96Ghz with the Snapdragon 845 chipset. The current high-end smartphones have around 2.5Ghz and Asus has clocked higher. Along with the high processor, the phone has 8 GB of RAM with 512 GB of storage. Since high-end smartphones are usually affected by heating problems, a vapor-chamber cooling, carbon cooling pad, and copper heat sinks are equipped with the system. The phone has a dual front facing speaker with high-quality sound effects. One of the most notable parts is the display. The smartphone comes with a 6-inch 2160*1080 AMOLED HDR Display. It is equipped with 90Hz refresh rate with a 1ms response time which is quite astonishing in a smartphone.

The phone also comes with a TwinView Dock accessory which converts the phone into a two display gaming device. The phone also comes with a Gamevice controller which can be purchased. The charging port is placed on the side for landscape mode gaming. Another top feature, “X-Mode” which when activated closes all the background tasks and give the maximum processor space to the game. All in all, the phone looks amazing and may impress the gaming market.


Why Should Asus Be Worried?

Although Asus has tried to equip the phone to the maximum capability, the history might not be in favor of them. When Nokia was leading the mobile phones market by a margin, they came up with N-gage in 2003. N-gage was popularly known as the Game Boy Advance of mobile phones. It had multiplayer gaming in N-Gage Arena Online Services. The games were stored in cartridges instead of downloading them which lead to the failure of the model.

Gizmondo came up with a phone which can be termed as a gaming smartphone. It was released in 2005 with a lot of gaming buttons with a 2.8-inch screen. It has an SD card slot along with Bluetooth, GPS, and a camera. Unfortunate for the Tiger Telematics, Nintendo launched the DS and Sony launched PSP in the near time which led to its downfall. The phone was priced at $400.

In 2006, Samsung came up with a slider phone SPH-B5200. It had a 3-inch LCD display with accelerometer and a DMB digital TV-receiver. But, like its counterpart, the device failed miserably. Sony, the company with a tag name in gaming launched Xperia Play in 2011. It had gaming keys, virtual thumbsticks and some of the classic PlayStation games.

iReadyGO, a Chinese company came up with a gaming smartphone but it failed too. Acer came up with a Predator model but it too failed. But, there is some light in the market. When Motorola came up with Moto Gamepad, it was received well. It is available in the market since last August but it still needs improvement.

So, Asus is not chasing a dead road. There might be future for the Gaming Smartphones and Asus might break into it.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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