Android Earthquake Alert System Makes Debut In Android Devices

Google has left no stone unturned for making the Android the best for its users. It is ready to include another remarkable feature in the Android known as the ‘Android Earthquake Alert system’.

Google has designed an algorithm for Android devices that will help in detecting earthquakes. It will place an accelerometer in the android devices that will act as an Android earthquake alert system.

The users can choose this option as soon as Google rolls it out. The more the number of Android users more will be the number of data points. It will aid for better estimation of the earthquake.

Google has done a big part for the Users and Nation

Google has done a big part for the Users and Nation

The algorithms and Big Data help in making Android smartphones more useful for the people in dealing with problems like a car crash and an earthquake.

Before an earthquake strikes, everyone having an Android device will get a warning which will help the Nation to deal with massacres like any sudden losses.

To know if there is going to be an earthquake or not, we could place the seismometer at all places but that will not work. It would be a pricey choice to do that.

Steps by Google for the Android Earthquake Alert System

Steps by Google for the Alert System

Google has reached the California Office of Emergency Services and the US Geological Survey to lay the foundation for its system. Through this, Google will get quick alerts for any upcoming earthquake.

Google Android system itself is not a seismometer but a mediator. It releases alerts faster than other services. The quick updates on Android will help in saving time for early preparation and rescue.

The services make use of traditional seismometer, these seismometers utilise the data and inform us through the Shake Alert System.

Brief of Google’s plan for the Android Earthquake alert system

Brief of Google’s plan for the alert system

Google has planned to conduct the services in a way like starting with collecting data from all the Android devices of a place and then uploading an estimated result on the web for that region. People would be able to check Google sites for the data produced by Android devices. They would be able to see what it says about their location.

Each Android device will have an accelerometer acting as a ‘Mini Seismometer’. It will detect any shaking movement of the phone and send information to Google.

As the data provided by the devices show the same results, Google will start sending quick alerts. And this will make all the people of that region aware of the coming danger.


This new feature by Google is presently in action in the California state. The rest of the things like earthquake alerts, updates on Google search and warnings are still under process. Google is trying for the best blend of technology to help the Nation and the people. It suggests that if there is any state which has earthquake detection and warning system then it should rely on that.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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