5G Radiation Impacts You, But is It Dangerous?

5G radiation impacts humans in various ways than it meets the eye. Scientists consider 5G technology is safe, with its radiation coefficient. It is even said that mobile networks do not cause cancer or other illness. Yet 5G phones are subject to stricter radiation limits by the regulators.

Scientists have spent several years trying to understand how radiation affects the body. To date apart from some heated tissues, there are no other side effects. Also, the upcoming 5G technologies will have improved protection than the older ones.

How High Frequencies From 5G radiation impacts you?

How 5G radiation Impacts You?

The new rules of 5G radiation control the exposure limits on the phone. The rules impose conservative limits on radiations when they connect to higher frequencies.

5G can deliver very high speeds but only over short distances. The new rules provide a higher level of protection than the current guidelines. ICNIRP’s Chairman Dr. Eric van Rongen believes this step will benefit human health a lot.

Mobile trading groups said current 5G phones, would not affect people adversely.  New handsets are in line with the tighter guidelines of radiations. They also fall within the standard limits of radiation exposure.

Is there any Scientific Evidence of 5G radiation harm?

How 5G radiation Impacts You?

We can conclude that apart from some heating of some body tissue, there is no evidence of further harm to the body. Extensive research was also done on how the human body reacts to radio waves.

Some campaign groups have been campaigning for even tighter norms for 5G. People are afraid that 5G might affect their health. On concerns, regulatory bodies are updating the guidelines as per the needs & requirements.

Telecom regulators have been forcing service providers to emit radiation in existing guidelines. Regulators around the world have carried out over 16 tests related to this. The highest reading was 1.5% over the permitted limit.


5G technology is the next upcoming technology. People will use it with AI & IoT to enhance the benefits. We have already seen how 5G will be changing the world. Self-drive cars, automated workflows, IoT, AI, ML, etc would be the reality.

These technologies will simplify our lives but we must keep a check on the side effects. In the past, we have seen what carelessness can do to humanity and we cannot afford it again.

We can conclude that 5G is a boon to humans. We need to be careful enough so that there are no adverse effects.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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