5 Reasons Why Artificial Intelligence in Education is Game-Changing!

Artificial Intelligence in the education industry is going to make learning more fun. There is no doubt that AI is making this world a better place to live in.

AI is automating everything from space shuttle launches to cooking. There is an abundance of data out there. This is helping AI get more efficient and smarter.

Machines can interact with humans flawlessly these days. But what good can it do in education? The actual question is, What could it not? Everyone on planet earth needs education.

But there are not enough teachers to fill the gap. This article will highlight 5 major areas which make Artificial Intelligence in education worth it.

Grading your Test Papers and Homework

Grading your Test Papers and Homework

In the education industry, what do you think is the most time-consuming job? Grading. Teachers from all around the world say that grading is occupying most of their time.

This valuable time could otherwise help them take more classes. This gets even more difficult when homework and assignment grading.

Most schools and colleges have teaching assistants who can do this job for the professors. But what if the entire process of grading gets automated?

This is a feasible option which AI can bring to life. AI has already found its place in grading multiple choice question papers.

We can expect software with AI, correcting writing samples in the near future. This would allow the teachers and the professors to concentrate more on teaching.

Tailor-made course work

Tailor-made course work

We follow a generalized education system where students learn common coursework. Students most often do not have the chance to choose from.

AI can completely change the way students educate themselves. AI algorithms can study a student’s wants and needs.

It can formulate a personalized course work which best suits his interests. We already have existing websites which can provide us with a personalized learning experience.

AI can improve them further and make them efficient. It can repeat a particular topic until the student becomes familiar. It can find suitable examples to make them understand.

Point out areas of Improvement

Point out areas of Improvement

Classrooms are growing more and more in population. Every student has his/her strengths and weaknesses.

It is impossible for the teacher to analyze everyone. Artificial Intelligence in education could come in handy in situations like these.

A teaching program assisted by an AI can help analyze each student with care. It can also point out mistakes in the course work and areas which needs improvement. Platforms like course era have already implemented this.

When the system notices a lot of students submitting incorrect answers, the teacher gets informed. This can help a lot of students get answers to their unanswered questions.

Various Support Mechanisms

There is a lot of additional support which AI can provide to a student. There are various AI mobile applications out there which can help kids with basic math.

Some AI applications also help students learn to write. Although AI tools which can help in high-level education is not currently available, it will be in the near future.

Valuable Feedback

Valuable Feedback

How often do you get feedback from your teachers? Only if they want to and not because of your own interest right? But it is essential for you to know your performance.

The feedback which you help you in self-assessment. It will let you know in which areas you are strong and what needs improvement.

It is unlikely that you will get all this in your regular classrooms. Using AI here can help you change the situation.

It can notify the professor when the performance of a student is not up to the mark. It can also let them know if you can skip classes because your performance was brilliant.

To conclude

There are various students who struggle when it comes to education. They find it hard to understand the subjects.

Some might feel reluctant to ask doubts. Artificial Intelligence in Education is here to change the game.

Students can choose what they want to study and how they want to do it. They will be able to complete the courses on their own time.

AI tools can also provide one on one attention to the students. Let us hope that AI makes the education system better than before.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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