31 Advanced Gadgets will make you feel like you are in 3019

Every time when you see a new machine the only word that strikes into your mind is WOW. Some gadgets are really fantastic. As soon as we see them we think that why I didn’t think this type of factor in any gadget. These are the gadgets that will make you feel like you are in 3018. But, Wait. These gadgets will have the cost that you can afford in 3018 and not now.

As we know that the gadgets that are made using highly advanced technology are really expensive depending upon their features. But this is not always true. According to Amazon research, we see that there are some gadgets that are really cool and also pocket-friendly.
We hope that you find these gadgets as fantastic as we do. Just an FYI: We affiliate program take part of me and find the part of the revenue from your purchase.

1. The Smart Magic Light


Now you can imagine things that this light bulb can make happen. Suppose you want to turn on the lights as you reach in the dark side of your house. There is no problem. You can control this magic light with your smartphone. Now if you want to dim the lights. Again, there is no problem. Just ask Alexa or Google home. Now if you want to please your mood then this magic bulb can help you. It can glow in a spectrum of light. It can play music for you. It can make you feel like you are sitting somewhere at the time of sunrise or sunset.

2. 3D Pen


Nowadays we can imagine 3D objects only in our mind. We can’t draw them. But think about this pen that can draw cubes 3D objects. Doesn’t it seem to be a futuristic movie? Oh yes! You will be not surprised if you think to draw a 3D spaceship. You can also draw some silly things like cubes and glasses using this pen. This pen will make you feel like you are in 3018.

3. The Camalapse 4


This is an amazing gadget for a person who wants to take his/her photography to the next level. This attaches to your smartphones, GoPro or camera and it also rotates up to 360° capturing a perfect panoramic image. You can set up it for 360° within 60 minutes or for short intervals.

4. The Oven cooker


Do you remember the scene in “Back to the future 3”?If not, let’s remind it.
The family puts a tiny disc into the microwave and after a few seconds it comes out in the form of a large, yummy pizza. You can have this type of gadget in your kitchen. It can open up flat to provide two hot plate cooking surfaces with heat radiating from the plates so that you can make pizza or any other cookie within a few seconds.

5. The Self Sealing Water Balloons

In your childhood, if you had fought with water balloons with your friends then you can imagine the struggle behind filling these balloons. You were used to filling these balloons separately and then you had to tie them. There was a drawback that some of these balloons were broken when we were trying to fill them. But now self-sealing water balloons come in bunches of hundreds so that you can fill them all at a time and pop up them sealed when they are fulfilled. It takes only about a minute.

6. The Cell Phone Clip-On Microscope

This gadget is really very helpful for a kid aura teacher or any person who is really interested in knowing the little things about the world around them. This Cellphone Clip Microscope has the capability to work with any type of phone, it includes the LED light. The most powerful feature of it is that it can magnify about 60×. This gadget can make you feel like you are in 3018.

7. The Rapid Defrosting Tray


Suppose that you are in 2018 and it is time to make dinner but the meat you have is frozen solid. Now, what will you do in this situation? Want a 3018 answer?

Come with me. The Rapid Defrosting Tray significantly decrease the time taken to defrost the burger patties or any other item. The thing you have to do is that you have only to put your food on this tray and then see that your food is defrosted in a short interval of time which is about 8 times lesser than that of room temperature.

8. The Fingerless LED Flashlight Gloves


There is no doubt that in future we will have uniforms that include finger lights. These uniforms will help in solving the problem to keep the light at exactly a point where we need it. Suppose you are wiring the spaceship then if you have a light in your hand then it keeps on fluctuating. Using Fingerless LED Flashlight Gloves we can get rid of such problems. We will be able to work in an incredibly convenient way in the future with the help of this gadget.

9. The Laser Scissors


When you cut a paper using scissors there are wonky edges on your wrapping paper. If you want to solve this problem then the Laser Scissors can really be a helpful tool. Take Laser Scissors in your hand then cut the paper, you will be surprised to see that there are no wonky edges on your wrapping paper. This is really amazing.

10. The Wallet Ninja


We know very well that the size of things is going smaller and smaller as we are stepping into our future. This will continue until we can carry them into our pockets or flying car gloves. The Wallet Ninja dispatches our current problem in 3018. It is an 18 in 1 multitool which is capable of everything from acting as a hex wrench to a screwdriver, to a cellphone stand or to a bottle opener.

11. The Dash Easy Candy Maker


Everyone is fond of candy but we think that candy making is not an easy job. We think that only experts in this field can make the candies and this seems very difficult to make candy at home. Then think about Dash Easy Candy Maker. It can help you to make candy at home in a very easy manner. The Candy Maker can make the heart-shaped mold, bear-shaped mold so you can make creative candies at your home easily in an interesting way.

12. The Cooling Performance Hat


Athletes know very well about the gear. It really matters to have the right gears, right clothes, and the right fabrics. It is really very important. This Cooling Performance Hat uses cooling technology to maintain the temperature of our body when we are out in the heat. It will lower your body temperature. The only thing you have to do just wet it and snap it in the air to activate cooling fabric.

13. The Tile Slim


This is a gadget which is as slim as two credit cards. It can slide into your wallet or purse or you can stick it on anything that you can misplace.

For an example, if you did not find your tablet then use Tile app on your mobile phone. If you are not finding your mobile phone then you have to just press the button on your tile and your phone will automatically ring. This is possible because the app remembers where your tile was last with you so it can help you in finding your belongings.

14. The String Lights With Bluetooth Speakers


This is a gadget which you can use to play music and the most amazing fact is that there is no need to play music using an app. In String Lights With Bluetooth Speakers, there are four Bluetooth speakers. These can connect to your existing light. You can use these where you want either inside or outside the home. There will be no problem.

15. The Tiny Indoor Wireless Smart Home Camera


Using this little camera you can secure your house in 3018 at an incredibly affordable cost. This camera puts a bunches of security things into a small package only at $26.It is magnetic, has a night version, that is, it can work in the night also. It has motion sensors. It can send real videos to your mobile phones. It can be controlled through Alexa. e.g.”Alexa, Show me the front door.” Then it will show you all the activities on the front door.

16. The Solar Charger


It is obvious that in future people will use sun rays to most of the applications. This Solar Charger is also a powerful tool in this regard. Using this gadget you can charge your mobile phone using sunlight. Nowadays there is a problem with us when we go out on a trip for a long time we can not get our mobile charged. This Solar Charger will help us in getting rid of this problem.

17. The Tablet Stand


Nowadays most of the people frequently use tablets for many purposes. Therefore there is a need of Tablet Stand. If you are using tablets for watching movies, playing games, as a cookbook or for many other purposes then this Tablet Stand will hold your tablet safely and you can enjoy with free hands.

18. The Rocketbook


Now in this highly advanced world in technology, you should say goodbye to pen and paper and you should work in digital files so that you can find your work on any device.
This approach will also give you the feel such that you are using pen and paper in a traditional way but in modern type. This will take a change in our lives that will surprise you.

19. The Bedside Lamp With Bluetooth Speaker


This gadget is a combination of a lamp, nightlight, clock, and Bluetooth speaker. It has the feature that you can change the light according to your mood, say, you want to get up then adjust the light in sunrise mode. If you want to relax then adjust the light in the sunset mode. This will be really magical.

20. The Wireless Bluetooth Earpiece


We can imagine that in the future everything will be very tiny as the size of the objects is reducing continuously. This will be a device that you can wear in your ear. It is so small that it is practically invisible. So you can attend calls in public and you will look like a crazy person who is talking to himself. Is not it funny? This is really a very good device.

21. The Dash Cam


This camera will work as a usual camera recording any incident or accident but in an advanced manner. It can tell you about the weird things that might happen and it can also send your footage to the insurance company and this will give all the information about you to the footage company. It will be really very helpful.

22. Magnetic Putty


We know that great toys always attract us. Magnetic Putty is like these toys. This is so attractive that you can see it the whole day. It is really interesting. There is great fun to play with this and looking at this. This will be amazing.

23. The SunJack Camplight


Suppose you are in a camp and you want to light the bulb then this will be helpful for you. This will light the whole room. When you will use this your friends with lanterns and flashlights will look at you jealously.The only thing to do that you have to plug it into a portable charger and then it will start working.

24. The Pocket Blanket


Can you imagine the future with the picnic blanket that can be fitted into your pocket?
It will be possible using Pocket Blanket. It also has some additional features that can be stated as: It is waterproof and soundproof. This covers open up to 60″×56″.Now you will always have a ground cover to sit on the ground wherever you need it.

25. The Lunch Crock Food Warmer


If you are tired of having that boring sandwiches in your lunch then this device is for you. It can heat the food when you are working. It is cool from the outside but hot from inside. It has a handle with the help of which we can carry it easily. It can heat up soups, oatmeals or anything else.

26. The Screen Magnifier


Is not it really funny that nowadays we have big screens tv at our home but we use tiny screens that are of our mobile phones? We see movies and serials and many more things on our mobile phones and think this is good but this is not so. A bigger screen is better. The Screen Magnifier is a gadget that magnifies your tiny screen into a bigger one.

27. The Dodow Sleep Aid Service


As technology is in progress the problems for human beings are increasing rapidly. Many of the peoples have a problem that they can’t fall asleep easily. Then this gadget is really helpful for such peoples. It can shut your mind off for that short interval of time in which they fall asleep. It works in a way that you see a light on the ceiling that seems you to be blink. You feel relax and fall asleep.

28. The Mobile Phone Night Light


Wow! This is an amazing gadget. It can turn the beam of light of a mobile phone into a soft, adorable night light. It is perfect for traveling with kids. We can turn the beam in the form of light which we want to use. We can use its light for reading books also and for many other purposes.

29. This Micro Bluetooth Speaker


I promise that you will fall in love with this gadget. This packs a powerful punch. You can combine two speakers for a loud voice. But the surprising thing is that that you can answer the calls using these tiny speakers. Also, you can use it as a voice-activated remote shutter for taking selfies.

30. The Portable Dog Paw Cleaner


People in the future will never face the problems to deal with muddy, sandy, dirty or grubby dog feet because they will have this Portable Dog Paw Cleaner. It is made up of soft silicone and will never harm your pup’s paws. It will be very helpful to keep your house neat and clean.

31. The Tiny Futuristic Lamp


If someone will have the idea to turn a plastic credit card into a lamp then we will forward in the future with one more step. This lamp will be as tiny in size as a credit card. It can fit in your purse, wallet, pocket or glove. It will have 10 pack of tiny lights with a variety of colors. It will be really interesting.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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