Cheating In Exam? AI program designed to catch cheaters in exam.

We often want to get more and more of whatever we get. One of those things is the mark. We always want to get good marks irrespective of the way we get it. Many students in order to get good marks to start to cheat. Some copy from their friends and some may also paper cheats or mobiles to cheat. But those days of cheating and copying are soon going to be just a mere past. Now many of you would think that you never cheated. Somehow at some point in time, we may cheat without ourselves knowing about it.

A study in the US containing of about 70000 high school students found that about 95% of student cheated in some manner. And such studies made the officials and educationalists come up with plans that could reduce or even eradicate the cheating in exams.

The AI program. 

Now when we say the word cheating it not only includes cheating in exams but also cheating in assignments, articles and other such things which includes using someone or paying someone to write something for you. In order to tackle such problems, the researchers of the University of Copenhagen by combining big data with artificial intelligence have created a device that determines whether you wrote your assignment or whether a ghostwriter penned it for you—with nearly 90 percent accuracy.

According to several different studies, the tendency to cheat on assignment has been increasing among high school students. Which results in serious problems. At the University of Copenhagen, thorough analysis with the help of artificial intelligence, they determine if a copy is cheated or not. This technology-based checking is a result of hard work by the various scientist.

The program, named “Ghostwriter” is based on an analysis of 130000 written danish assignments. And with the help of this scientists can detect whether a student has written an assignment on their own or if a ghostwriter composed it. It is nearly 90 percent accurate.

How does it work? 


To determine the authenticity of the assignment the program identifies discrepancies in writing styles. The program compares recently submitted writing against a student’s previously submitted work. They also check other variables in order to be precise.

Among other variables, the program looks at word length, sentence structure and how words are used. For instance, whether ‘for example’ is written as ‘ex.” or ‘e.g.,”.

Collaboration with the Law. 


Apart from just using the ghostwriter in determining if anyone has cheated in assignments. It could also be applied elsewhere in society. For example, the program could be used in police work to supplement forged document analysis. It is a task carried out by forensic document examiners and others.

As said by Stephan Lorenzen “It would be fun to collaborate with the police, who currently deploy forensic document examiners to look for qualitative similarities and differences between the texts they are comparing. We can look at large amounts of data and find patterns. I imagine that this combination would benefit police work,”


The use of artificial intelligence in checking the authenticity of any document or assignment would decrease the cheatings committed. Moreover, it will be helpful for the students for the long term. The application of Ghostwriter in other fields of society would be really very helpful. It has already been used to analyze Twitter tweets to determine whether they were composed by actual users or penned by paid imposters or robots.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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