Zuckerberg Allows Remote-working For Facebook Employees

Work-from-home has become the new way of professional life for most of the people today. And as a support to this new, work-from-home environment, Facebook has decided to accept the work-from-home culture.

As Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg allows remote-working for Facebook employees, what else is in store for us post-pandemic?

Yes. The future prospects of remote working have been buzzing in the air amid the lockdown. People have been speculating the possibilities of the new remote working culture in the long run. And the prospects look bright.

The first entrepreneur to come out in support of the work from home culture is none other than the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg.

Read on to know what he said and to get some ideas on how remote work culture will change our lives post-pandemic.

Facebook during pandemic

Remote-working for Facebook employees- Infomance
Remote-working for Facebook employees- Infomance

Mark Zuckerberg had been very attentive in dealing with the pandemic. He started preparing Facebook for the upcoming coronavirus days early on from January 2020.

Most of his team projects were those that can be useful during a potential lockdown situation.

An existing project working with disease researchers became a program showing how effective stay-at-home orders were.

Facebook also surveyed users on potential COVID-19 symptoms to identify new hotspots in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University. And this doesn’t end here.

He went on to introduce Rooms a video conferencing app to compete with Zoom. And the next came Shops, his e-commerce venture.

Remote-working for Facebook employees

Remote-working for Facebook employees- Infomance
Remote-working for Facebook employees- Infomance

Facebook seems to be ready to accept the work-from-home culture post-pandemic too. The company has already made most of its open roles available for remote recruitment.

Further plans include making it easier for many of its employees to apply for remote working. Zuckerberg said that Facebook could become a largely remote workforce within the next decade.

He said, “We’re going to be the most forward-leaning company on remote work at our scale. We need to do this in a way that is thoughtful and responsible, so we’re going to do this in a measured way.”

This is a great shift in the work culture of one of the world’s most influential companies.
Especially when Facebook used to pay its employees for working closer to the office. And this decision will, no doubt, affect other companies to take similar steps.

Zuckerberg further explained, “We’re going to have a lot of people who want to go back to the offices but aren’t going to be able to. So given that people are going to be remote working for a while, I just kind of feel like we have to be good at it.”

The methodical way

Remote-working for Facebook employees- Infomance
Remote-working for Facebook employees- Infomance

The thought of working from home can actually be too comforting for some people. And to make sure that things don’t get out of hands, Zuckerberg said they will take a methodical approach.

Remote-working for Facebook employees isn’t going to be all that easy though. There are certain conditions a person has to meet if they want to work from home.

An employee has to be experienced, have good performance ratings, be on a team that supports remote working and then, at last, get approval for it. Only after all these requirements are met, the remote-working for an employee can be approved.

“And then we’ll open it up more over time as we learn. But this is too important of a thing to just say everyone can go do this, and then kind of figure it out along the way.” Zuckerberg explained.

On the benefits of remote-working, Zuckerberg said, “For the world, I think spreading opportunity more equally. Rather than forcing people to come to cities, for the opportunity, you’ll be able to spread that out more.”

So that’s the take of Facebook on remote working. But what are the possibilities and prospects of working from home post-pandemic? Let’s have a look at them.

Remote-working culture

Remote-working for Facebook employees- Infomance
Remote-working for Facebook employees- Infomance

Remote working can be an indelible shift in the professional lives of many people. There’s no going back from here it seems.

This is going to come with its own set of both challenges and opportunities, no doubt. Working from home is not so ideal for many people because they can’t focus, keep getting disturbed and distracted.

On the other hand, for those who can manage to get past all these issues love this. Why? Because no more time will be wasted in getting ready for the work and then travelling all the way to the office.

But this is gonna become a new culture soon. Not saying that all of us will be working from home, but still enough of us will be doing that.

And what’s surprising? People are still going on! Despite all the distractions, children screaming at the top of their lungs, bed calling you for a nap. Despite everything, so much work is successfully getting done from home itself.

With Facebook already taking the lead, it’s expected that most of the companies will follow through.

So let’s get ready for the big change. Until next time!

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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