YouTube’s New Update Addresses Copyright Claim Dispute

YouTube has had a lot of copyright claim issues in its name for years. But now it feels like they’re getting out of it, thank their new update. YouTube’s new update makes it easy for copyright claim dispute.

The new studio update now allows creators to address copyright disputes directly from their digital back-end workspace. It also provides them with the option to trim out the claimed content in the question.

The “Assisted Trim” Option

The "Assisted Trim" Option

The new Assisted Trim option is the biggest feature coming out with the Studio Update.

According to a Google Product Blog, it has also come out with “endpoints of the edit pre-set to where the claimed content appears in the video.”  The team is also working for various new allowing adjustable endpoints.

With this, the creators will be able to cut out a certain portion of their video in a manner that makes sense. But as everything good takes time, the option isn’t available yet.

A tedious battle of old copyright disputes

A tedious battle of old copyright disputes

YouTube has suffered a lot of problems and has tried a lot to work with third-party companies, but failed.

They took a various number of steps to ensure creators don’t face copyright issues but the battle has majorly been tiring and unsolvable.

Back in this year itself, the online video platform was raged badly as creators called out groups such as Universal Music.

They blamed one of the largest catalogues of songs because of being over exaggerating with copyright issues.

YouTube then brought out a new policy in the month of July this year. They kept in mind that copyright owners like Universal Music must compulsorily state when does the material appear in the video.

The YouTube team is also showing Copyright Strikes

The YouTube team is also showing Copyright Strikes

Creators can also filter through their own video feeds in Studio. They can see which videos have faced copyright issues. This leads to demonetized status and blocked videos in a much easier manner.

The YouTube team is showing Copyright Strikes in a vastly different way in comparison to Copyright claims. It displays directly on the studio dashboard.

The blog post also read, “We’re also providing more transparency about the content of the copyright takedown than ever before, now surfacing the specific description of the copyrighted work provided by the claimant in the takedown notice.”


YouTube blog post also shows that “many more updates” are coming in 2020. The new ones will help creators navigate copyright claim problems.

As of now, the company is trying to make it easier to work with copyright claims.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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