YouTube updates copyright claims, might block more videos

A perfect platform to earn money with the right content, YouTube is not that easy. It handles frauds and pirating including copyright in the right way. While that might intend some of the creators, but not all. As YouTube updates, copyright claims might block more videos on the case of a claim. It warns that the new changes might block even more videos. Handling copyright around music or audio files in videos is a good target. It does so that the original content creators get their point of justice.

YouTube the updates of copyright claims

While the new claim seems to be good for the content creators. As YouTube bashes the claim to be accidentally on the videos. Short audios playing in the background might be claimed by original creators. However, their right to put a strike on the video is down. They can no longer do that. Aside, they won’t be able to redirect the earnings to their channel.

How copyright holders got a bam


Small contents with taken music are found everywhere. That’s completely for YouTube to take care of. However, some content creators use music. To enhance the videos and make content lively. Fine, with better views and income.

However, some original music creators seem to be blocking the content. Without any prior reason, only being the audio. Content creators use the music either from their sound system or radio.

But that can’t be put on copyright in the right sense. It’s similar to watching movies. As you can buy a movie. Screen record some shots but can’t share that online. While the whole content is rightfully and legally yours.

YouTube now handles how strikes are provided


Copyright holders can seize to turn off the ads and earning. From the videos which they have their claim to. But in some cases, it goes out of the line. For some creators, who seemed to have used the content from their system.

As short clips or audios can appear in the background. But canceling the earning and views is not the right thing to do. YouTube removes the tool from the copyright holders, offering this feature.

While they can pinpoint to the video. They no longer have the power to cancel the claimed video channel’s earning. That’s completely for YouTube to decide on.

What videos will have such strikes?


Claims mostly include clips from original videos being grabbed on or screenshotted. While there seems to be a right full claim. But the copyright holders get to the nerves of the content creators. As they claim the video and get their directed path for income.

This comes totally from the content creator channel being claimed. This is no longer valid. Regular YouTube surfers will know what are those videos mostly. Reaction channels, Roasting channels mostly have their usual content. Direct from other channels, having the content original.

Granting permission is another scenario of the case. In this way, most channels continue without clams. But some others do get a dose of the theft (systematically). Most Dance channels fall prey to this. As short audio clips are always present of other top channels.

Also, check out YouTube’s recent monetization strategy Vs The practical issues.

Loss of earnings for the newer channels


Copyright is a real thing. But claiming that manually on videos without even analyzing is wrong. Wrong. This creates hatred for the newer channels. As they create the videos with hard work. Aside, adding audio or music enhances videos. (You can’t just go on making silent videos, or commentary on everything).

Streams are good enough, but not the usual presentation. YouTube’s director of product management, David Rosenstein added on behalf of this issue. Some channels claimed to have used slight musical content.

But strikes and blocking videos have taken their earning. That too on the wrong side, without any reason. One to of the channel creator said of losing thousands of dollars, on just on video. That too for a single line from a song is a music video.

Will YouTube’s copyright updates belittle copyright holders?


No. Not at all. An original content creator has done the hard work. All by himself. He will be given justice. Some creators just go on the extra mile to do their justice. This, in turn, discourages small channels with good content to go down.

That’s a complete loss for YouTube itself. While they no longer have the power to do so. But the copyright holders can choose to either block the video completely. Or block the creator from making money.

And leave the video to its state. But no earning for themselves like it was before. Claiming manually on videos will violate YouTube’s own rules. It could backfire to the creator itself. Instead of the copyright claimer.

Disadvantages of YouTube new claims


Original content creators will have a good time. But not that of rich time. However small channels will get easily banned. Or even blocked from using the platform. If the current claims get to the action, a lot of videos will get banned.

As Youtube updates copyright claims. New videos will often get blocked. Earnings won’t be usual as they seem to. Views will be done for good. This does leave original content creators alone. They don’t have to suffice this matter by themselves. As for now, it’s not sure what might happen. Only the time of the action can tell.

Youtube own words on the changes


Mentioned in a blog, YouTube made it very clear on grounds. That the new policies would not hurt anybody. Unless they do are on the bad side. This might get to block more videos, remove them. But this is obviously for the greater good.

As a lot of content gets monetized with piracy and copied matter. This will keep the right amount of content, shortly. As people always look for quality in our platform. Thus we don’t want to fool them with sided videos.

Timely content claims

Audio clips or snippets get measured in seconds, that holds the copyright. But very short videos might not need to be worried about. As that hardly claims for pure content. YouTube mentioned that small timeslots are ok to look for. But if the time is in very low digit seconds, that’s nothing at all.

Of course, it’s foolish to claim for content, that is only a few seconds long. Similar to a few quotes on a blog from the original, they wouldn’t mind. At all. YouTube seems to be going in the right direction after all.

Final words


While YouTube did make a better initiative out of it. It indeed is a good movie towards those greedy copyright holders. Waiting to grab money from small channels. Since Youtube updates copyright claims, it will not leave small channels too.

As their videos might get blocked. Or even the channel. YouTube has its review team that handles all sorts of claims, weekly. It now will be using the new rules to see how the claim lives up.

They will also integrate with social media to check missed out data. Also, it has introduced its library of music, for the creators. If a claim appears, they can quickly do a re-edit and launch the video to solve it. Rosenstein also said that the claims are better to be fair on both sides.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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